The gladiator sandals have been hot for a couple years now, but last summer, when Kate Moss walked around in them, I didn't really like them. This year on the other hand, I feel that I'm warming up to them. I have some claims, though;
1. They have to be dark brown.
2. The straps must be quite thin (but not too thin).
3. NO FANCY DETAILS! Keep it simple, please.

Kate Moss - not dark enough. On the right - PERFECT!

(Photos: katemossonline.net, ebay.com)



I love love love this print from Jeremy Scott's Happy Daze collection. It's so fun! I wouldn't mind owning that dress. Another brilliant thing about Jeremy Scott; White socks in black shoes. I love the look with both flats and pumps, and I guess I wear it almost a bit too often...

(Photos: jeremyscott.com & thecobrasnake.com)


American Apparel

So here we go!

American Apparel sell basic clothes in good quality, and here are some of my favourite pieces right now;

This sort of college sweater dress is perfect for us who don't like to wear pants. Pair with leggings if it's chilly, or with bare legs for a sexier look. I liked these colors best, but it also comes in white, black, cranberry, navy and forest.

We've seen this gold lamé thing for a while now, but i still kinda like it. I particuilary like the bra, which can look really cool under a white tank for instance. (All these are also available in silver and copper.)

Last but not least; I'm addicted to t-shirt sweaters, and this one has the perfect fit and length. Available in white, black, sangria, red, sunshine, navy, light aqua and grass.