today's the night everybody in the world goes out and get wasted.
so i'm staying inside.

it's been exactly three years since my confirmation today (CIVIL ONE NOT IN CHURCH BEEP BEEP) which is kinda... weird. it feels like yesterday, but on the other hand like another life. eh. anyway, i remember i had my dress sewn after some alberta ferretti dress, but when i looked through the collections i didn't find it. well weeell. i think i loved it.

(and oh, can i point out one thing? MY HAIR. my hair looked exactly the same as now! all you 'oh stop copying cory'-people. blah.)



i suppose everybody has style icons, intentional or not, whether it's that girl in you class or mary-kate olsen. when i have to mention celebs i find inspiring, i usually say something like lou dillon, alice glass or chloë sevigny, and well, i do like them. but i think the really interesting people are the ones who don't care at all, about trends i mean. such as oldies, kids, junkies and hookers. i love eccentric old women loaded with jewelry and weird hats, and men in suspenders who look lost on the subway. and kids who obviously got dressed by themselves. apparantly i absolutely wanted to wear my flowery tights with a plaid skirt in kindergarten. oh well.

this is the cutest hobo in barcelona

and the baguette man from normandie

(i'd love to take their picture from the front, but i'm too wimpy)

anna piaggi's style is just... i wonder what's going on in her head. which is a good thing.

natalia vodianova + cute old lady

dries van noten fall 08

loretta lux takes beautiful children pics, though they're very uptight and in some way really freaking me out...

and well... this is obviously put together by some clever stylist, but still kind of cool. it's hard to find good pictures of real hookers. eh.


yay me

something extraordinairy happened today! i made my own breakfast and it wasn't oatmeal. wohooo. hahaha. i had the day off, so i spent two hours cooking and eating and reading and such. pretty sweet.


customize, maybe

i went second hand shopping with mommy casablancas the other day, and i couldn't help buying this rather hideous dress. the question is, when am i gonna wear it?
anyone wanna eh marry me?


kiss kiss dance dance

yesterday i ate cupcakes and demolished houses and such.

today i watched sex and the city in bed. period. i tried to move but it hurt too much.
i was supposed to take lots of pictures, but then i figured there were too many other fun things to do, soooo. sorry. oh well. eva rosa took photos on lipstick, they'll be on smuglesning soon i think.



um... i'm supposed to be somewhere right now, but i haven't gotten dressed and i felt like saying hi... so now you're warned, this is a crappy post. anyway, hi! today was my last exam (or mock exam or whatever you call it) in maths and it was really easy. phew. and tonight it's ANOTHER birthday party (it never ends), and afterwards (if i'll make it) lipstick where ajello is playing. woho! if you don't have plans yet i think you should come. oh i hope they have balloons...


fishy fishy

(from foto decadent)

there's just something about fishnets. i don't wear it that often since they tend to look kinda slutty (OK i always look kinda slutty but with fishnets it get's worse), so i made myself a couple of rules:

drop either heels or mini skirt (or both), cause with all three you'll look straight out of red light district. eh.
and usually you should drop the clevage.

apart from that, go ahead!

i have a hard time giving up the short skirts, so yesterday i cut out the heels instead... (quote eivind: "all you do is post pictures of your legs!" yes i do. deal with it.)

and speaking of slutty, i though this was kinda cute. (from bevel and boss)

if you feel less sloppy, you shold consider wearing something like this (i will when i grow up, stop being trashy and move to paris). pure elegance from ysl aw 03, slightly quirkier from betsey johnson aw 08. (from style.com)
this is why i want red hair

while you're at it, listening to francoise hardy wouldn't be a bad idea either.

and here's the funniest part: in the end of the day you thighs look like this! hahaha!


pink thing

from now on my goal is to use as many ugly photoshop effects as possible. enjoy
i gotta go prepare for tomorrows french exam, aka watch amelie.


changes, maybe

so ok, fashion. originally this was a fashion blog, but then i started writing more about my life and such and less about fahion, which was ok i guess. but still, fashion is fun too. so now i'm thinking i'll do a combination. i'm a fan of combinations.

today was really sunny, school was short, and i got a new ipod. all is well.

and this is what i want to wear now it's finally warm enough (RANDOM OH YES)

fairytale dresses from betsey johnson ss 08. screw this scandinavian minimalism. blah. tulle and glitter is way funnier.

ok maybe i wouldn't wear it, but this dead ugly suit thing from alexander mcqueen is quite fantastic. and the stockings! those i'd wear any day.

the over-hyped but definitely cute mini-mini dresses from miu miu. you know, just to show off my legs. ehhh. i like the white ones, they sort of balance off the nastyness.

and the sweater dress thing by jeremy scott. obviously. (pics, style.com)