i'm leaving in a few hours! with lots of painkillers and just a tiny satc-break i've managed to pack enough clothes and electronic necessities, so now i'm ready to hook up with cute frenchies and eat croissants and brie all day. or, you know. visit castles and stuff. anyway, i'm back on saturday. au revoir!

paris 2005. uhm... uhm.


on a whim i decided to cut my bangs this morning, which turned out.. well. i'm not sure i like it yet. maybe i regret it a little bit. but you know, it's just hair, it grows back out, and i've had my sidebangs for ages. i'm not even sure they could be called bangs anymore. anywaaaay. this is how it looks now.


well hellooo. things are looking good atm. tomorrow i'm leaving for france! we're staying in eu in normandie most of the week, and then we'll have a couple of days in paris. french class trip. and when i come home it's april and hopefully a little warmer, and lots of good concerts and... umm. i was supposed to write more but my head hurts so bad i forgot what it was. oh well. here's pix from last night:

birthday kid

this girl looked so pretty!

omg wow i'm almost as cool as lindsay

not quite sure what happened here...

my tiny dress came along too. breathing is overrated.

i burned my arm really bad on a pizza tray... though you can't see it.

and ooooh, apparently spirit is out now! go get a copy, i'm on the cover. wooh.


fat + sugar <3

this is what i usually eat: cake. brie. olives. some bread. cake. sometimes pickling onions. more cake. more brie.
and usually i eat this while watching sex and the city in bed.
it's good a have such a health diet, or else i'd be really fat i suppose.


spring huh

reasons to kill myself:
- it's snowing.
- it's snowing, and it's almost april.
- it's snowing alot.
at least i have warm stockings.


glass candy

we keep our boat in this hall for the winter, and i hate being there cause that means i have to clean something, but the windows there are really cool. not only broken, but also kind of... frosted. in a way. sort of. whatever. anyway, my glass fetish-part loved it.



i can't stop buying useless lingerie... but it's preeettyyyyy!


happy easter! (dont feel too safe)

we took these last year. pretty pretty pretty


pretty baby

brooke shields blablabla. it may be repulsive, but it's a very pretty movie, visually. i'm so in love with the costumes! lace all over. people should walk around in underwear like that all the time, that would be so much more fun. jeans. blah. at least i'm gonna wear this dress a lot more. it's nicer and lacier in real life. photos from um, google and oslonights


more trashy pix (you know you love it)

alice alice alice. i went downtown to get the new crystal castles album today, but did they have it? noooo. crap.


c to the k

how's your holiday? this far i've spend mine getting tipsy on my bedroom floor listening to music and being asoscial. wonderful.
anyway, something's been bothering me for a while, and when i read some comments on ck's blog, i felt like saying something. people suggest she starts caring more about the environment etc and influence young girls in a better way, not just by partying, going to fashion week and looking pretty. well, i have gotten comments like that too, and i find it kinda ridiculous. if you want to read about the environment, the smartest place to look would not be a teenage girl's semi-fashion blog, would it? go here instead or something (if you're norwegian that is). what can i say... kids just wanna have fun. if that makes me a bad person, then whatever. i love my life.
about cory in general btw. i have nothing against her, but i liked her better when she looked awkward and messed up in the streets of la. now she looks more like she tried to clean up but failed.

let's reminisce about the good old days, shall we. cory kennedy anno 2006


not so interesting facts pt 1

i have a thing called synesthesia, which means my senses mix up and i combine letters and numbers with colors in my head etc. it's rather common, so i though we'd do a little experiment! if you have it; do you see the alphabet in the same colors as i do? oh how fun. (i'm bored and hungover and sad about my ipod.)


parties suck

SOMEONE JUST STOLE MY IPOD. FUCK. FUCK YOU. I HOPE YOU DIE YOUNG AND BURN IN HELL. fuck. no more music while im brushing my teeth. or on the bus. or in classes. what am i gonna do now?



i think i just squished all my internal organs, this skirt is probably made for a fouryearold. it's cute though. polkadots.
i'm spending my holiday in bed, goodnight.



i fell asleep over my homework last night. woah. i slept til 8 this morning, changed clothes and went to school again. holy fuck i'm so tired. i should really write that essay i didn't write yesterday, but... blaaah. i think i'll have a bath and listen to radiohead instead.