I like this girl. Her hair. (Too bad I look foolish in that kind of hair.) And her scarf is really cool. And blue drinks! We all love blue drinks.

Photo: thecobrasnake

Grip Like A Vice

A bit 80's today. AND! I wore white tights, which I have never done before because it's a bit faux-pas around here, but I think it worked pretty well. The cassette is from my childhood, it's a fairy tale called "Prinsessen som ingen kunne målbinde", or "the princess that noone could shut up" really.
Tights: Gina Tricot I think
Skirt: Old
Cardigan: H&M
Tee: H&M
Bag: H&M



This is me today. I look kinda... awkward. But those tights does catch attention, I must say. One of my best friends said "ew, what happend to your tights?", while a girl I hardly know thougt they were awasome. Hahaha.
Tights: Gina Tricot
Shoes: Converse
Dress: Old
Hoodie: H&M
Necklace: My friend's (it's a fleute! omg)
Scarf: Another friend's
Bag: H&M
Glasses: Ray-Ban


Betty Blue

I saw Betty Blue today. It was so hot, and the colors and scenes were sooo beautiful. Beatrice Dalle is hot I guess... I can't really decide. Haha.


I saw the most amazing rainbow today. Seriously. It was magical. I got wet tho.
Todaaaay, I wore this;
Black beret - my mom's
Stripy sweater - old... long story
White dress - Vero Moda
Black tights - dunno
Gray knee-highs - H&M
Yellow knee-highs - H&M



I'm wearing pants today! Omg. I never do that. Maybe once every second month. Or less.
Anyway, same shirt as yesterday (gasp), old Guggenheim Bilbao tee, Glitter cell necklace thing, white low Converse. Actually they're more like... gray. But you can't see them, so whatever.


Today's outfit

Everything is old and formerly used by members of my family. Skirt from my cousin (when she was like 10), flannel shirt from Granny, and my dad's old band t-shirt. (He actually had a decent band. They were called Nightlife. It's so cool.) The tights are mine though! Old, but at least I bought them.


Another thing I bought vintage in Copenhagen. I'm not quite sure what it is, but I love it! (the stripy thing, yes)


Human after all

Lala. I don't have a thing to blog about. And I'm completely broke. I saw 72636495743 wonderful shoes today, but I couldn't buy any of them. Sob. Headbands are kinda cool tho.



School excursion thing today. Rather nice actually. It's really hot here atm, which is nice but I'd rather have it in the holiday. Anyway I wore orange today, which was totally unintended and I'm still not sure I like it. But my friend had the COOLEST sunglasses ever! Omg. I nicked them.



I love this picture. The colors, the shoes, the phone in the background. Ellen von Unwerth is definitly one of my fav photographers. This kind of reminds me of True Romance by Quentin Tarantino.


Saturday night

I had an awasome time, and I wore a sweater dress I bought in Copenhagen. Close up of the cool pattern. Retarded legs. But red socks rock.


Barbie is totally cool

New stuff

Bought a scarf at h&m today. I like it very much, even tho it's a bit wannabe Louis Vuitton.
The sweater is one of my second-hand finds from Copenhagen. The other things I bought are either dirty, wet, or in the washing mashine, so I'll post pics later.


They're mine

Not the American Apparel ones, these are from Gina Tricot. Zero waiting or high charges. Sorry about the crappy picture, my camera is totally fucked.



I kinda hate it when summer ends and it's getting cold and rainy again, but I love that time's fashion. It's something very awesome about it. Here's my list of things to get this fall:
1. Big coat, something like this Stella McCartney one
2. Thick tights so I don't have to wear pants or freeze to death (American Apparel)
3. Pink tulip skirt (AA)
4. Black vintage boots (eBay)
5. Black long sleeve to have underneath dresses and stuff (AA)
6. Gray sweater (AA)
(Oh, I'm such an American Apparel whore)

Photos; ELLE.com, americanapparel.co.uk, ebay.com


New shoes

They have silver glitter all over them! OMG. And best of all; they we're extremely cheap.


I'm home

Sooo, I'm back from CPH.Me and my friend had a hotel room all by ourselves, and we spent much time there drinking wine and watching "Will and Grace" and adult channel. Haha. One day we went to the amusement park, which was awesome cool. And we went to the museum of modern art, which was cool, they had a chineese exhibition. And of course we did a lot of shopping. We found the coolest second hand shop, and I wanted to buy everything, but I only ended up with two things. I'll show you later. Anyway, I had an awesome time, but it's good to be back as well. Tonight I'm barbecuing with friends.



As I mentioned, I'm going to Copenhagen tomorrow morning. I love that city, not only is it beautiful and a has nice shops, but I'm old enough to buy and drink alcohol there. Who! And I'm packing lots of dresses and high heels. I'll be back on Monday.

Photo: danmarkstur.no