New year's eve means glitter! As I feel sequin kind of died when Gina Tricot came along, I'll go for diamonds instead. Huge, fake diamonds. And sparkly nail polish, like the one I wore in kindergarten. Woho! I think this will be a great night.

Underwear aso

No, this is not some weird hat; I got new panties! They're shiny and pink and red and super ugly and I love them very much. And I'm listening to Beirut. And I'm watching The Breakfast Club. Perfect.



Little brothers do have their advantages. When they go thirteen and stop playing with pokemons, you're free to snatch them and hang them around your neck. Hooray.


Material girl

Well, merry xmas! Say hello to my favourite present, Leica. I think we'll be very good friends.

I also got this watch from my grandmother. My grandfather gave it to her when they had been engaged for three years and it's one of the cutest gift I've ever gotten.


My Sandbox

I always hated all the bloody facebook applications who popped up all the time. UNTIL NOW. Oh my, this is brilliant. You can make your own sandbox! With toys and electronics and food and stuff in it. Cupcakes. Kittens. Buffalo shoes. Thousands of things. Awesome.


A wink and a smile

Natalia Vodianova + i-D + banana + smeared makeup & messy hair + simple bra (save the lace stuff for your socks) = yes yes yes

Happy holidays!

Our ginger bread house totally owns yours.



Happening of the day: Johanne cut her thumb and bled all over the place. Seriously. People followed the blood staines into our classroom and wondered who got murdered. LOADS of blood. Huhuh. Blood is fascinating (I once made a painting from my own blood, which I realize was creepy and we dont need to talk about it anymore) but if you need to stop the floods; do it in style! These band-aids from fred flare are so cool I'd wear them all over. No need for wounds.



fun to find yourself when scrolling through other people's blogs. I remember this girl took my picture on Crystal Castles in november; http://oslonights.blogspot.com/



Today I've angsted out a bit, made gingerbread, read about pragmatism, listened to Interpol's 'our love to admire' that Mathias gave to me even though its not my birthday and not yet christmas (Mathias is the best), thought about shutting down my blog and then decided not to. It will probably be pretty boring around here this week though - christmas is killing me. But prepare for cute-attac around the 24th!


And blue hair is nice too

For spring I want a pair of tan, nylon knee-highs, granny style. Its hot! Just look;


Well, this was yesterday. But I wanted to show you my new, homemade and wonderful jewelry! Haha. Rrrreally complicated stuff. Anyway; my beloved little gun (neither homemade nor new though), a dinosaur which glows in the dark (hooray!) and a fuse from a fluorescent tube thing. Yeeees. Click on the pic for details.



Ive had this pic on my computer foreeever, and I still love this Lacroix borche. Im not really a broche-girl, but I would totally make an exception for this. Its just so... over-the-top ugly. In a pretty way.

I Haunt Wizards

Yes. I found this band on myspace - I Haunt Wizards. Three little cuties from London with a keyboard and some game boy chips. They say they have no musical influences, but I can hear some serious Crystal Castles in those songs. But we like CC dont we, so no probs. They're inspired by magic spells, voodoo dolls, s.t.d's, hyponosis, brain implants, needles, insomnia, pyromania, discharge, women who squirt and Tokyo. AND they have a dinosaur in their logo! Which makes them awesome. So check them out; www.myspace.com/ihauntwizards


The vagina tee

Old yes, BUT, still kinda interesting. Would you wear it? Think I would. Photo from Maggy Rogow.

Who need new clothes?

My trashiest skirt so far! From 7th grade. Ive cut the hem and everything, SO COOL. Lucky it's stretchy, I was disgustingly skinny at that time. Oh, and my tee is pretty genious. 1997 Warner Bros it says.



I got this tee from my ex-bestfriend when we were kids, and I loved it so much. In case you cant see it, its got a cute doggie in a night hat on it (or whatever you call it).

Dear Santa

Give me these! All of them. Please. www.myspace.com/ich_liebe


P-p-p-party pix

"Nicky's not here right now..." (Heroes-humour, myes)

Bitchee bitchee bitchee



Last night was fun! After some messing around we finally ended up on Upopulær's birthday party @ Pi, where Jerry Bouthier from Boombox/Kitsune was djing, and Bitchee Bitchee Ya Ya Ya played. Very nice. Very tired today. I was supposed to lots of important things today, but instead I just sorta... fell asleep. Woke up at 6 pm, and now I have to go to this familiy christmas party thingie. Oh well.
This is the only picture I got last night. LOVELY



Today's simple outfit... But look; ponytail!!! Oh em gee. This is the first time in ages that I have done anything to my hair but, well, wash it. Now it's hangin loose again though, and I'm off to get drunk on wine in my tinsy new dress. C ya.

Learn by heart

It's important to know what the different knife parts are called you know. Yes yes yes. Photo from sharpeningsupplies.com.


I made this last week or something, just some random cobrasnake pics. I love the man to the left! (cut out his face though.) Do hang all your little owls and electronics around your neck. And wear glasses. And fake fur. Also, I have always thought that I'm a person who don't wear sneakers, don't ask me why. But I feel a little change in the wind says I! I think I'm in desperate need of a pair actually. Will wait till spring though. (Bloody ice, bloody winter.)



is what happens when Maja gets bored. (I love you, self-timer.) And I think I'd like some summer, please. Shorts! Ice cream! Heart-shaped glasses! Ohyes.

Walk like an egyptian...

I've allways been kina fascinated with egyptian culture. Mummies and stuff. And these earrings are off the hook! I'd totally wear them, except theyre huge and I dont wear earrings. Right... Anobody know where theyre from? Photo from Foto Decadent.

More yellow!

No plastic though. BUT this is the second time I wear jeans this week, which must earn me some kind of points. And I belive I see a little fancy-pictures-trend on this blog! Oh oh oh.


Do the Natalie

One day I'm gonna get a wig like this. And then I'll wear it all the time with some simple black dress and fishnets and be constantly tacky and awesome. (And so should you, totally.) Photo from filmweb.no.


Today's outfit! I bought this skirt in Barcelona, but havent really felt like wearing it before... Until today. I like it! Looks like a plastic bag from -nille, the most genious shop ever (yeah?). Or of course, Cholé fw07. Though -nille is so much cooler. Photos: private/style.com/stormarkedet.no


Or maybe it's just narcissism

Today I bought something like the world's tiniest dress. I think I need to invest in some serious tights... Haha. I actually wanted the plum/purple one, cause it's cooler, plus two of my friends allready have it in black, but they didn't have it in my size. So. Black is nice too. I suppose this is what you call a little black dress.
Andandand! It's got POCKETS. How brilliant is that.


Where it all happens

Someone asked me if I could post some pics of my room, and you know I only live to serve you, so here you go;

1. Books and bottles. And I found my Furby! It's permanently asleep though, as I remeber it to be quite fucking annoying.
2. MY DESK, where I spend most of my time... Hahaha. Spiderman.
3. Accessory corner. I just stash it all there and then forget it. Bad habit.
4. Actually a sofa, I just never get around to clean up after sleep-overs.
6. My bed. Tacky sheets, woho!
7. More clothes. And my foot. Mmmhm.

Looks surprisingly tidy today.


She's lost control

I saw Control last night (finally), and if you still haven't, then run to your nearest cinema and do. It's so cool. And Sam Riley did brilliant as Ian Curtis, plus he's total eyecandy.


Oh, hi

I've been such a bad blogger lately. But stay tuned! Internet is finally back (I almost died) so hopefully I'll update more often from now on. Now, just popping by to say that THESE SHOES ARE AWESOME COOL and I want them. Immediately. Yellow shoelaces and everything! Photo from the skullset.