I Haunt Wizards

Yes. I found this band on myspace - I Haunt Wizards. Three little cuties from London with a keyboard and some game boy chips. They say they have no musical influences, but I can hear some serious Crystal Castles in those songs. But we like CC dont we, so no probs. They're inspired by magic spells, voodoo dolls, s.t.d's, hyponosis, brain implants, needles, insomnia, pyromania, discharge, women who squirt and Tokyo. AND they have a dinosaur in their logo! Which makes them awesome. So check them out; www.myspace.com/ihauntwizards


Anonymous said...

"magic spells" is a song by crystal castles. as for "std's", crystal castles say they sound like "hiv" on their myspace page. i think this is a blatant crystal castles imitation band.

Maja said...

yes it is. and yes they kind of are. but theyre also pretty cute :)

Anonymous said...

I think this band is incredible

it doesnt say anywhere that they are influenced by those things?

it sounds to me like that guys suffers from a little thing we in Japan call Jealousy! ^-^


Maja said...

yeah, it says on 'influences'
they've changed it a bit now tho.

Anonymous said...

I love them. I'm interviewing them for my magazine this month, which makes them ten times cooler.

Maja said...

uh uuh! what mag is that? :)

Zac said...

hey im that guy on the left,

this is well random.

i dont really like crystal castles, i like the cribs

Dropdead said...

i think it's the DNA music magazine who are interviewing them, it says something about that on their second myspace page.

i gues thats wat that girl was talking about???

Maja said...

zac: wow hi. well, you did have their song on your myspace, and if i remember correctly they were top friends too. but whatever. the cribs are nice.
dropdead: yea, probably. thanks!

Anonymous said...

The girl in this band used to be a good friend of mine in primary school. She is a amazing singer and has always been one. Im sooooo happy that its working for her =] go helen!!!

devyn said...

dude. i love this band. "that's a nice dress" is my favorite song.

amazing :D

Anonymous said...

i dont understand what the fuck is going on.
this band are absolutely dire?

there completely bollocks and the only reason they have a following is because they cheated on there myspace page to get more plays than they actually have.
and they have on of those bot things that add a million people a day
its just cheating and its unfair on bands that actually work hard to get somewhere,

plus dexter is an obnoxious dickhead,

you just have to view his personal profile to see that yourself



yeah nice one,

fucking loser.

Anonymous said...

This band are so poor they make me want to stop listening to any music with an 8bit influence.

THEY SUCK SO HARD. Are you people deaf or something. Even if you were deaf then at least you could see their terrible hair and overtly stupid clothing.

I'm sorry but if you like this band then you are obviously a sheep for trends and should stop looking at myspace's featured bands and go to a proper gig.


Sophsound said...

They are good and not every band can be individual.

These guys are extremely talented.

Least they just don't follow the alternative shitty scene and carry on the good electro theme.

The idea has to come from somewhere.

rinu chan said...

well i am the biggest fan i n the wold haha

Anonymous said...

well then you should just fucking shoot yourself and do everyone a favour.

Anonymous said...

Wow some people have serious issues. People are allowed to like what they want. And quite a few people like this band. Like me :). So haters go fuck yourselves.

Anonymous said...

why do people waste there time posting nasty comments

none cares what you have to say!

you not going to stop us from liking them by calling us "a sheep for trends"

last time i checked being trendy was a good thing

Anonymous said...

Peter parker just had his b-day!
i loved that bulleten! halarious!

Anonymous said...

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