Sparkly, woho

Apparantly this is my new signature pose or something.. But I'm too tall and our hallway is too narrow, so you can't see my shoes if I don't. And we all wanna see the SHOES, right? Anyway. My favourite glitter dress. And pink socks. And lace collar. Hooray.


Hey Mickey

So Cory Kennedy started a new blog, and suddenly "blogspot is so over". Like, seriously. Haha whatever.
More important; Someone shut down our fucking internet, so I won't be able to blog for a few days, except when I'm in school, which sucks.
BUT I found this cool sweater, so I'll survive. I think.



Aight. Outfit again. (Fabulous quality, I know.) Photo by Karoline.



This is how lovely I looked this saturday... Oh well. I had fun. Photos by Helene.

Catch 22

I'm planning on reading this. Looks like someone already did.


It's wonderful not having to do anything at school again. Today I've mainly made lists of what songs to download, and hung out on myspace/facebook/msn. Geek. We like it!
And I realize that I wear nothing but skirts, but we like that too, don't we. Mhyes.


Glasses n dinosaurs

Say hello to my new babies.
This weekend has been far better than expected, I though I was gonna sit inside and studdy all the time. Should have known that would never happen. Anyway I had great fun last night, and I have almost finished my assignment too, which turned out much better than I had feared. Nice. Photos by Ingrid!



Five hours and four cups of coffee, and I have written a french essay about love and snails (mainly snails). Splendid. Now I'm gonna take a nap, then clean my room, eat sushi, go out, and the rest of the weekend I'm gonna lock myself in my room with more cups of coffee and write a social studies assignment. Can't wait.



Only one exam left. French tomorrow. Ugh.
The necklace is mainly to make sure I don't lose my key. We wouldn't want that, would we.



This week is exam-week, which means I'm bored to death 5 hours a day, not allowed to do anything, not listen to music, talk, laugh annoyingly loud or communicate with people in any way. But at least I finished the worst one today - maths. Easy-peasy actually, when you have a ruler like this. Look! It's pink AND it's got dinosaurs on it. Fabulous.

Those dancing days

Yes, I was incredibly hot as a kid. Hahaa, look at this... Gymnastics suit and everything! Hooray.


xxzxczx me

Last night was Crystal Castles-night @ BlÄ (Nils Bech did the warm-up), which means getting punched in the head by drunk old men, broken glass everywhere, hearing damage and beer all over my dress... But nevermind; it was pretty awesome, and Alice is officialy my new favourite person. Maybe she can't sing, but she looks GOOD.


Sex drugs & literature

I like these. Books are cool! Photos from Foto Decadent.

Are you ready for this..?

High waisted leggings from American Apparel. Purple. Shiny. Errr... I don't think so.


More funny socks! Hooray. Nice shoes too. Photo from the Sartorialist.


We Are Your Friends

Silje has a nice house. Blogparty!


Now strut those shoes

I love this lady so much. Her shoes. Her coat. Her TIGHTS. I so want loads of funny-colored tights right now, but I gotta save my money... Photo from the Sartorialis (it's really old though).


My baby shot me down

So, here's a small part of my outfit. Baby Herman sweater, lace tights (rawrrr). And you can't see it but I wore my gun necklace. I like that. Um, yeah. Claptrap.


Dirrty Glam

Cool stuff! http://dirrtyglam.com/


Hahaha omg

Yea yea yeah, I made another one. I'm unbelievable. Maybe I should have like, a new header every day? Or maybe not. Btw I bought blue nailpolish today. I think I like it a lot.

Yet another header...

I think I'm actually gonna keep this one. (Spanish parkingmachinethings are cool.)

Who you'd like to be

Jeremy Scott is, basically, the man. Minus the scarf maybe. And the girls next to him. Photo from the cobrasnake.


Woho! I'm bored at school again, so we took some pictures. Hotneeeess. Photos by Ingrid.


Time for some philosophy

"I always tell the girls never take it seriously. If you never take it seriously, you never get hurt. If you never get hurt, you always have fun, and if you ever get lonely, just go to the record store and visit your friends."
I don't remember where I read it. But I like it. Photo from Fotot Decadent.


Alriiight, I'm obviosusly allowed to upload pictures again. Today's outfit, sort of... Not too interesting, but it do love my jeans. And I have a flie or bee or something on my chest. And ice cream!


Go to hell, Blogger.



Black bras under white, see-throug things are kind of attractive. Nice shot. Photo from, probably, Foto Decadent.