Last post for a while

Cause I'm going to Barcelona tomorrow! Yaay. I'm back next Saturday, so hold on. Cuddle with the Klaxons in the meantime. They're hot. LISTEN HERE, SEE MORE PHOTOS HERE


A little collage for me to drool on. I looo-oove all of it, but can't afford anyhing. Gah. Click for bigger blah blah you know the deal. All photos from seven new york.

Gin in teacups, leaves on the lawn

I didn't have a red t-shirt or anything, so I wore a red pantyhose for Burma today. Mhyes. I like it, because it reminds me of Jeremy Scott. Oh, I'm so looking forward to his show on October 2nd. And Paris fashion week in general. And I brushed my hair yesterday! OMG. Photographer: Ingrid, moi.


Anna Molinari

Woooh, I'm overflowing the blog with runway posts latly. But Anna Molinari's spring collection is so cool! I liked all of it, but here are a few favourites. (Masha Tyelna (pic #1) looks psycho, non? Like... drunken alien ish.) Photos from style.com yes.


I have a sort of haters/lovers reationship with Marni. Some of it I really like, while other things I would never wear at all. I'm not crazy about the spring collection, but I do like this. Simple top, weird shorts. Patent shoes. Colored sunnies. Aaah. Photo from style.com.


Today's slack hungover-fall-asleep-in-class outfit. AND MY DOOR OF COURSE. Today I went to school, made a blue painting, went home, read Elle (which sucks and I'm cancelling my subscription), took a nap, ate dinner, and now I have to practice for my maths test. What a wonderful day.

Your name's not down, you're not comming in

Last night was probably the worst party ever. Except maybe the one when I cried the whole evening. But yeah, really crowded, bad music, shambles in the street, the police came and then they closed the whole fuckin club. I was in there for like, half an hour. I want my money back.



Don't have time to post anything else today, I'm getting ready to go to my school play kick off party. Nothing like getting drunk in the middle of the week! You'll get tonight's outfit tomorrow, I guess. Click on the picture to see details. Photographer: Ingrid


Juliette Lewis

Yeah. I thought I'd write about Juliette Lewis, just because she's cool. For those who didn't know, she acts and sings in the band Juliette & the Licks, and she dresses like a native american on speed/ superhero. Plus, she's hot. Like, what's there not to love?

Next buy

I have fallen completely in love with these shoes from Skopunkten. Suddenly it seems like I can't live without them. Which is covenient, cause they're really cheap.

Outfit iks

Karoline loves to ruin my photos. Not that I'm not perfectly capable of ruining them myself.



Heartshaped box

Lalala, this is me today. My face looks wacko in the photo, so you'll get a wonderful retutched version. Now I have to do my homework and eay my cake (momma's birthday), and then it's nappy time at last.


Dirty Lolita

Just had to show you this picture. Apparantly I have a thing for heart shaped glasses. I have a mint green pair. Photo from the skullset.

I hate Sundays

Eye infection. Homework. Hungover. (Or just tired.) Have to go to stupid meeting. Gah. Foto Decadent.

Rave's not dead

I'm sorry I didn't post yesterday, I was really busy. Last night was my nu rave birthday party (my birthday is in July actually, but yeah... better late than never) so I had to fix various things and cook and yeah... It was really fun, though it ended quite shitty. And life seems pretty gray this week, but luckily I'm going to Barcelona next Saturday. Yay!


Ah Ah

Again I have found American Apparel to be made only to tempt me with magnificent garments that I can not afford, and this time I found these zebra leggings. Awesommmme.


I found this random Nylon picture on my computer, and thought "oh. Nice outfit. Oh, I have those jeans! Oh, I also have that tee. And waistcoat. Oh. Cool." And then I thought I'd post the picture. Such silly thougts. But it is a nice outfit. And rather easy to copy. If you have the garments, of course. Picture from nylon.com
Such a silly post.


This is Brody Dalle, lead singer in the Distillers. She is hot.

Dirty dance floors

I'm getting fond of this door thing. I wore my wonderful, but oh-so-uncomfortable, vintage oxfords today. Or, I guess you can call them oxfords. Also, I almost ran into Tekå, but then she disappeared and we didn't get to speak. Oh well. Some other time. Also, I bought a huge men's tee for my rave party. Woho.


I'm bored and in school. I should write my french essay, but it's so much more fun to post ugly pictures of myself! This was taken yesterday in my class room. By Ingrid.


Sticky sticky sticky honey

Today; Paint alot, hang around the cafeteria alot, shop alot (tho not for myself), eat alot of cheap candy. Blue. I have decided to kind of clean up, and don't look so fucking messy all the time, but today I failed miserably I guess. At least I wore pants. (And no, I am not twelwe years old, I just forgot my eyeliner.)



Perfection. Just ignore the icky man beside her. Photo from Cobrasnake.


I went to scool again today, with all it's ups and downs. The main down was pretty much when I gave a lecture on social studies which I wrote in the lunch break and rehearsed while the others were giving their lectures. Well well. Upside was of course seeing everyone blah blah blah and shopping after shcool. I bought a superfunny ring that says "check my blogg". Extremely cheesy, but I couldn't resist. (Btw, guess who I'm inspired by today...)



I want an "I am a horror" tee. Where can I get one? I'd be very grateful if anyone knew.


I just realized that my comment function have been limited. So now, just so you know, everyone can comment again. Yay! I'm not prudish on purpose.


If you're a rich stalker, you can come to my birthday party if you act nice and bring this.

I can't help myself...

I wasn't really planning on posting too much runway on this blog, but it turns out I love too much of it so much I can't keep it to myself. Like Luella's ss08 collection. Drool. I loved ALL of it. It's geeky but cool, with beautful patterns and colors, Batman (who is almost as cool as Spider-Man), and even some orange! (Haha, I'm so lame.)
But; is it just me, or does some of these models look extremely tall and skinny? They almost look like they've been in one of those stretchy torture instruments. Photos from style.com. You can (and should) see the rest of it here; http://www.style.com/fashionshows/collections/S2008RTW/review/LUELLA


The color

I was looking trough the London Fashion week ss08 collections, and I found... orange. Orange orange orange. Maybe I haven't been too far out. Photos from style.com