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i'm back

...unfortunately. leaving a place where even the sidewalks are pink was, to put it mildly, heartbreaking. oh, miami. until i get my film developed, here's a little preview:

sunrise at our balcony.
how gangsta is that

(kaja! this is 4 u)

i've wanted to eat at a real american diner ever since i discovered the tarantino movies a long time ago, so i was thrilled when we went to this place at 11th street. burgers and milkshake!

street market on lincoln road. amazingggggg. i found the botkier bag of my dreams for $150, but sadly i didn't have the money.

lots more to come. i guess.


hello south beach

i thought i was gonna spend this week snowboarding in the norwegian mountains, but it turns out i'm going to miami for a photoshoot or two instead. i'm not exactly complaining, there's like two metres of snow outside my window. i need some sun!!! i'll be back in a week, take care etc.

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oslo fashion week / pling

one of the very few collections i liked this year was pling by ingvild andersen helle. black black black. good work, babe!


party all the time

somehow it's become a habit to show up at school with mascara on my cheeks and yesterday's clothes on. bad for the concentration, but hey. it's always worth it.

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