i love you but you're freaking me out

oh, these are so wonderful. ellen von unwerth for cutest lula mag. i just want to move to a little house with flowers in the garden and cuddle all day long when i look at them. maybe it's summer coming up. all photos: foto decadent.



last night was GREAT. all our books, old tests, notebooks and anything else math-related was reduced to ashes. one of the most satisfying things i've done this year.

and this is today's random outfit (because i know you're dying to know):
- crystal castles tee, dirty and complete with blood stains from last night (broken bottle...), because it lay on the bathroom floor and i was too lazy to find something else.
- over-knees, because it's too hot for tights and i didn't bother to shave my legs.
- hotpants, because it would be inappropriate to walk around in just tee and panties.

i'm such a fashionista!!!
hvis du er på underskog burde du lese dette, ganske underholdende.



i did my first paid modeling thing today, great fun. but yeah, maths. laterrrr

EDIT: ok i'm done and it was just as easy as i predicted and it feels amazing and now i'm gonna celebrate by drinking champagne and burn my math books.
so more about the shoot. it was for norwegian teen mag topp, which is not exactly vogue, but whatever. the wonderful hilde groven shot it, i've seen some frames and it looks amazing. out in july i think.


warning: random

i have officialy had a quiet week. it feels... boring.
an extreme need to go out and burn some energy (aka get wasted) is building up, but that will have to wait till tuesday.

now: maths.

(ps, can someone please buy me a holga so i dont have to fake it in photoshop? thank you.)



now that i have my red shoes and everything... well. i want white ones too. oh, consumerism of today, yea yeah blahblah
i'd like them to be ballet flats, and you wouldn't think finding white ballet flats would be that hard, but i'm kinda picky. i've tried on several pairs, but they all look slightly... how do i say this in english. like something the stupid, blonde girls in junior high would wear. if you know what i mean.
but when i find the right pair i'm gonna wear them like this (ms paint <333)

i think it will look nice.

and since we're talking white shoes, "the white shoes series" by mari hirata is creepy in a wonderful way.

going steady

it's decided that my final exam will be in maths, and couldn't be happier (for once i'm not being ironic). it's so goddamn easy! (jeg har p-matte for dere som lurer...)

but i'm taking it slow this week anyway. tonight was spent at a cheap (but great!) sushi restaurant with a couple of friends, and then we had cake in the park and such. and i'm in bed before 2! though noone knows what i'll come up with tomorrow, so let's not congrat me just yet.

outfit sorta

i think i would do just fine on a diet consisting of sushi, cake and brie only.



since this has no interest for people outside of norway, this will be my first blogpost in norwegian ever ever ever. wohaa
så jaaa. mewe.no/ burner logoen sin på parkeringsplasser og deler ut ting gratis. ergo er de kjempekule. til nå har de gitt bort et skateboard og cder, og vil gjerne "gi opplevelser til deg og vennene dine når du minst venter det". flotte greier. check it out!


chocolate milk and glitter tights

i was going to throw these tights away after they got totally trashed on the first freudian kicks party months ago. but then... i didn't quite have the heart to do it.



things i wish had made

1: lovisa burfitt's drawings.

oh pretty.

2: the bleeding knees club by caitlin shearer.

oh, emergency.
we need bandaids and candies.
but please dont cry!

you can buy her work here if you'd like.



i just have a recommendation for you today.
but it's quite good.
i really really think you should check out this girl's blog. there's just something about her, i can't quite figure her out. which is always a good thing. photos: arvidabystrom.blogspot.com/


my head is spinning it feels alright

i've been out with these people two nights in a row now. a very reasonable way to spend your nights, i must say.

dont ask...

ida wore her wedding gown to the lipstick party. heheh. pretty pretty


james dean!!! (blurry on purpose)


it's norway's national day today, which means i'm busy with operation 'sleep all day'. at least i got cake for breakfast.