I'd like a powder pink vintage dress, like Marla Singer's! It'll go perfectly with my imaginairy polkadotted stockings and everything.

Marla Singer: I got this dress at a thrift store for one dollar.
Narrator: It was worth every penny.
Marla Singer: It's a bridesmaid's dress. Someone loved it intensely for one day, and then tossed it. Like a Christmas tree. So special. Then, bam, it's on the side of the road. [Grabs Narrator's crotch]
Marla Singer: Tinsel still clinging to it. Like a sex crime victim. Underwear inside out. Bound with electrical tape.
Narrator: Well, then it suits you.
Marla Singer: You can borrow it sometime.

Gotta love Fight Club.


today's outfit


i'm sick

it sucks. i better get well by tomorrow coz i have a party to attend and a norwegian essay to write.
anyway. i might just as well share some pix from friday. stolen from facebook/smuglesning



I want a pair of thin, black tights with little dots on. It's cute. This is from Baby baby baby magazine.


new necklace

And my future home. Location: Centre of Paris/NYC. Imagine the parties we could have there!

enrober de sucre

Yesterday I went to the movies and saw Atonement (pretty much Jane Austen on speed and too much war), got mad at myself for forgetting my cam as usual (cause Frogner looks so pretty in the afternoon and I saw a house that looked like a candy castle), ate my vitamin pills (cause I'm getting ill and that sucks), met up with my "graduation girls" and had a meeting and a party, snook around in the kitchen all night cause I forgot to eat dinner, and when the others went out I WENT TO BED. Oh my, I'm so reasonable I should get a price.
And this morning I found the it girl issue of Nylon, and incidentally read that Taylor Warren didn't want to sugarcoat life blahblah. Why the hell shouldn't we sugarcoat life? It makes everything so much more fun. (I'm young and stupid and allowed to think this way.) Taylor Warren is dull.
This is from earlier this week when I felt like crap, so I put on my ballgown and went to bed. It helped.


we're awake!

My friend's towel is quite awesome.


stop your bleeding

I'm kinda exhausted. I have 1000 things swirling around in my head, I cant sleep, wake up or do anything constructive at school, but it's finally weekend so I'll ignore it. This is where I'll be tonight! You should come too.



I found this cute skirt (it's got little polkadots on it) in the depths of my closet this morning, so I had to put it on. And when I came home I remembered something from an old Vouge shoot that looked pretty much like it, sooo... I had to pose a little bit. I could use some more retuching though. Ehh. Pics: private/Foto Decadent.


A sneak peak of Stella McCartney's first lingerie line is now out on Nylon's website. You know I'm a sucker for underwear (ok maybe you don't, but I am) and this looks wonderful! Broderie anglaise and funny names. If you're not short on money or Stella McCartey stores, sets called Poppy Posing, Daisy Dreaming and things like that are available from february 1st.



This skirt is THE BOMB! If you know where it's from I'll give you... a lollipop. Pic from the cobrasnake.


Instead of studying for my geography test, I've just spent half an hour browsing lollipop pix. Oh well. I've done nothing but lying on my school desk eating candy all day. And I've earned 500 NOK by eating pizza for a couple of hours. And I met Christine! Who is even cuter irl.



About time for a full outfit right. Ehhh same skirt and background tho... But yeah. Red and yellow is kinda fun.

teen angst

omg... I just found my old diaries. Hahaha. From when I was 14. I used to write something every single day, either what I had done, or cute things that happened, og just thoughts. It's extremely embarassing to read it now, but I'm glad I documented that time of my life. (ok it's not that long ago, but ALOT has changed.)
My fave is the pink snakeskin one. Haha. I think I have a matching headband somewhere.


cute attack

A pussycat. And Drew Barrymore. By Ellen von Unwerth. Have a nice sunday! I'll be in my bedroom working on the giant pile of clothes on the floor. I have this plan about sorting them by things I love/in case of emergency/warm stuff/all the rest, but I doubt I'll ever get to it.


allstars and stripes

Let's stick to the legs shall we. I bought the pantyhose at some weird little shop in Tønsberg. Oh ohhh. Some runners going on here as well I can see.
(And I dont know how many times people have asked me if I'm cold the past days... NO, I'm not cold goddamnit. If I was I'd wear something else.)


look honey

I was going for the granny look today, but then I got a runner in my pantyhose. So now I look more cheap hookerish. Yeayeah, close enough.

mystery sooolved

OK finally. This is what came out of my package: a spanking new, white Crystal Castles Madonna t-shirt. Hooray! It's already dirty.

ps: Check out the Air War vid! It's got lots of ice cream in it.


Ok the mysterious package will have to wait till tomorrow. (I've made it sound like a big deal, which it's not, but it's pretty cool.) I've spent the day at school (shocking) and the evening at a friend's making brownies, ordering pizza, watching Fucking Åmål and listening to old Beatles lps. Now I should really get some sleep.

One day I'm gonna move to Paris and speak french and smoke gauloises, make huge paintings all day, mess around all night, and always wear lipstick and high heels. Like some living cliché. Woho.


outfit or something

Look, I'm all see-through and stuff! And I got a very cool package today, all the way from Canada. More to come tomorrow.

jewelry making for the lazy

You need:
1 chain
1 small peg
12349000 amusing little objects
I sincerely hope I dont have to explain how you do this...
(But if you're not quite as lazy as me you can make a hole in the objects and drop the peg.)



I give you... The best outfit pic of all times! Ehhh. It's all I've got, sorry. At least you can see that I wore polkadots (which is so the coolest thing ever and you should wear it all the time while having vodkashots). Anyway, this was friday, right before we headed to Blå, where Trash Kassett celebrated one year and King Midas played we had a nice time. (I'm such a geek.)


perfect friday

Guess what guess what! It's my half-year birthday today! Hahaha. Haha. So I'm celebrating with cigarettes & alcohol and Edie Sedgwick and funny panties and blue bubblegum. Hooray.
I think it's cool how you can see all the wrinkles in Edie's armpit and on her forehead, as opposed to todays over-retouched fashion photos. Sick.



Well, this is Chris Kennedy. Don't know anything about her, except she's Cory's slightly tidier twin, but I like her pink ring/red lips and fingernails combo. Just ignore the rest. Yeah. (And click to view bigger if you care for details.) thecobrasnake.com

Bad hair day

But good news! My brother is going somewhere to snowboard all weekend, which means I can borrow his jacket. Hooray! I love to borrow his jacket.


slash ugly

...and here's my pretty, wall paper-ish socks. H&M people!


Ok, no face shots today.
I kinda like this skirt, but its also kinda... emo. So. I dunno.



This has been a rather nice day. I never thought I'd say this, but it feels good to be back in Normal Life again, after locking myself in my room all christmas. To wake up when it's still dark outside, get dressed and have coffee and listen to music (all at once of course), sit at the tall bar-ish table in our cafeteria and drink hot chocolate, practice my yes-I-am-using-my-computer-to-take-notes-not-msn face in classes, make evil weekend/summer plans on the subway... And I worked out today. And got a job (sort of). On second thoughts, cross out 'rather'.

(I'm tired and I'm not wearing makeup and I have a new scarf. Or, more like my dad's 30 years old 7up scarf. It's pretty cool.)



Ehhh... blog drought. Blahblahblah. Cobrasnake pic.


Have a happy weekend!


Back to school

And oh; What should I do tomorrow?
Lipstick and No Dial Tone @ Pi?
Tom Tom Klubb and Discobelle @ Blå?
Television and Chocolate @ Home?
Decisions, decisions...


I got my cam back in an even worse state than before, but whatever. (It's the old, crappy one we're talking about here, my leica is not allowed to go to parties.) Luckily it's still capable of taking pics, so here you go (we LOVE the doggie);

Hats are like sooo trendy...