enrober de sucre

Yesterday I went to the movies and saw Atonement (pretty much Jane Austen on speed and too much war), got mad at myself for forgetting my cam as usual (cause Frogner looks so pretty in the afternoon and I saw a house that looked like a candy castle), ate my vitamin pills (cause I'm getting ill and that sucks), met up with my "graduation girls" and had a meeting and a party, snook around in the kitchen all night cause I forgot to eat dinner, and when the others went out I WENT TO BED. Oh my, I'm so reasonable I should get a price.
And this morning I found the it girl issue of Nylon, and incidentally read that Taylor Warren didn't want to sugarcoat life blahblah. Why the hell shouldn't we sugarcoat life? It makes everything so much more fun. (I'm young and stupid and allowed to think this way.) Taylor Warren is dull.
This is from earlier this week when I felt like crap, so I put on my ballgown and went to bed. It helped.


Lövehaaret said...


muc-streets said...
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Vogue-Child said...

Du er bra fin.digger stilen din og håret!

the childcatcher said...

you look great anyway!
thats a really good idea
i think ill try i next time im feeling shit
i really enjoy your blog
mind if i link you?
let me know if not, for i will in the meantime anyway :)

Anonymous said...

maybe miss warren knows there's more to life than just getting drunk, partying and looking pretty? you're pretty lucky having such an easy life, don't call people knowing a little more of the world dull, doll face;)

maja casablancas said...

lövehaaret: jaa
vouge-child: aww takk
the childcatcher: thank you so much! i dont mind at all
anonymous: dont worry, i know exactly how lucky i am. but dont go around thinking i dont have my problems too. and of course i dont even know warren, but she sounded really boring in the interview.

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