new underweeear

lace is the new everything.

i finished shooting for my documentary today (which will be cool), it's friday, and i've got wine, new tights and too many places to go. splendid.


sun fun & bubblegum

Today I
- bought new underwear
- ate ice cream
- wore sunglasses
This means spring I think. Yay
So now I really need a dress like this. Or like something from the Marc Jacobs spring 04 collection. I loved those. This is one of those things my mom etc won't believe I actually need, but I do! Really. Totally. Seriously. And rather quickly too. style.com is our friend


too lazy to blog

well, mondays and tuesdays aren't really interesting anyway. i've had popcorn, slept, bought a bus, cheated on my tests... the bus part was kinda scary. busses are expensive.
and obviously the place to be now is PARIS, too bad i'm there a month from now, when fashion week is over. still, i can't wait. paris. spring. yay.
and oh! check this out. w00t w00t



Today I hung out in my dad's studio for a bit. I love it there. All kinds of cool stuff is hidden around, and sometimes I get to keep leftovers from photo shoots and stuff. Basically I was there to paint a wall for some magazine, but I came home with 1000 kr and two pairs of sunglasses, so I'm not complaining. You should all get photographer-dads, I tell you.

friday vs saturday

In case you didn't know - pix from friday on Oslonights! Let's pretend last nights party was just as fun. Eh. It was pretty much how I had expected it to be. Too many people, too many boring people, crappy music (which I tried to fix but the internett was broken). After a while we went to have something to eat, at least that bit was nice.
My glitter tights are all torn now. Sob.


put on your best myspace pout

yesterday i went to the opening party for this new store, ran into a bunch of cute peolpe i hadn't expected, and had way too much free booze. happy happy.
today i got up early to do some serious shopping, but ended up with... well... a pair of knee-highs. ehhh. but they're cool! and then i had luch at my granny's, stole her belts and almost fell asleep under her table (granny's little girl), and now i have to get ready for a good old home alone party. blaaah stress. i think i'm gonna wear jeans and be boring and chainsmoke on the balcony all night. good attitude is gold.


honey im hooooome

i wasn't planning on blogging today, but then again i wasn't planning on going out either. but i've been inside every night for a week now, and there's so much fun going on in oslo atm!
anyway, the mountains were pretty and relaxing, and i guess it's good for me to, you know, read books and play cards and do nothing without my laptop. tho one night i dreamt that i could check my e-mail. i think i need rehab.


bye bye

in ten hours i'm going to winter wonderland to sleep, snowboard, have snow fights with no clothes on etc. i haven't started packing yet tho. oops.
anyway, i'll be gone for a week, so no blogging til saturday people! take care

bad night

missed most of nils bech
the client-girls were really boring
too many midlife crisis men
fucked up bartenders
went home early
the disco ball is working again tho!



i'm exhausted. bwaha. no sleep, maths test (easypeasy), meet up with jostein to do some stuff for natt&dag, have bagels, buy new skirt (hooray) and btw its the first shopping ive done in a looong while, meet up with some more people, fahion week, home, sushi, myspace, painkillers, and now i'm going out again. nils bech + client (heart) see you there!


may i say that i hate all the halloweenish things going on in the fall collections? its like... london fashion week of witchcraft and wizardry. the clothes arent that bad (giles is pretty amazing as usual), its the whole styling... hats and hair, white faces and black lipstick all over. black lipstick just doesnt look good. not even on lily donaldson. photos: style.com


johanne guest drop

happy valentines day! if not more, this is a splendid opportunity to eat lots of chocolate.


so yeah, i tried out my cobrasnake skills on lipstick this saturday. go see the pics on oslonights!


geography vs fashion week

i planned on documenting my day in pictures today, but i tend to forget things so my cam isn't exactly loaded with pix. but here are some.

morning light. the middle of nowhere can be pretty too! ehhh

aww cuuuute

i had to make a new painting since the old one disappeared. blah. so far it looks like crap.

after rushing through my social studies test, i skipped the rest of the day to see a couple of shows. pluss side: front row, goodie bags, hot male models, ballet dancers on the runway. minus side: ugly clothes, boring clothes, and, for some sick reason they had decided to have the last show outside. it was freezing. poor models.




i found this in my classroom today, and thought it looked kinda pretty. torn things are always fun, plus i have a thing for coke cans. (i bet thomas did this btw. did you?) could be a cool and probably rather dangerous necklace.

cotton candy hair

i forgot to tell you, but i got my pink wig! its faaabulous. except the quality it rather crappy. sadly i missed out on the costume party, so this far i've only worn it inside my room höhöh. but it doesnt matter, i'm happy just having it at my wall so i can look at it. wohooo



omg i'm all gothic today! ehhhh.



again I managed to fall asleep fully dressed, and woke up slightly clammy and dizzy with mascara on my cheeks. But yesyes lipstick was fun, and I looked very schizo in my cute, girly lace-dress and my brother's gangsta jacket. I'm scary yes?



about time i'd say. the skirt is from pepper and used to me my aunt's. apparantly pepper was a cool brand in the 80's. oh well.
i'm teh busy next week, with school and oslo fashion week and everything, so don't expect much blogging. but come to lipstick tonight! it'll be great fun. (and make sure you look good, someone might take you picture...)


it got messed up

sorry, i'm such a bad blogger.
today i drew a foot, had cake for dinner and watched thelma & louise. i love it when they mess with that truck-guy. and the costumes are quite fantastic. photo: filmreference.com



if you were cool enough to get your face on a tshirt - WOULD YOU WEAR IT YOURSELF?
a) yes
b) no
c) maybe
i love polls with 'maybe' or 'i dont know' as an option. i mean, whats the point.

betsey johnson!!!

am i allowed to post the whole collection? am i? am i? i'm doing it anyway. i looove it! everything i like is there. almost. polkadotted tights, tacky fishnets, over-knee football stockings (you didnt know that i used to play football, did you. seven years), berets, ugly sunnies, red lips. polkadots. flowerprints. and to celebrate her 30 years in fashion, miss johnson also threw in some vintage dresses with funny prints on them (toys, cherries, guns, hooray). awesome. photos: style.com