about time i'd say. the skirt is from pepper and used to me my aunt's. apparantly pepper was a cool brand in the 80's. oh well.
i'm teh busy next week, with school and oslo fashion week and everything, so don't expect much blogging. but come to lipstick tonight! it'll be great fun. (and make sure you look good, someone might take you picture...)


margrethe said...

kult antrekk, likte skjerfet veldig godt. hvor fra?

stephy said...

yeahh it was about time ;)
nice scarf btw!

maja casablancas said...

margrethe: takktakk. lillebrors.
stephy: hehe yea. thnx!

Christine said...

fyfaen for noen bein du har <3

Plingrid said...

BATMAN! Fortell om bærekraftig utvikling igjen. Og igjen. Og igjen! :D

Cily said...

I love your scarf!!

Anonymous said...

Kan jeg få skjerfe ditt?

Anonymous said...

kan jeg få deg?

maja casablancas said...

christine: ehehe <3456789!!!111
plingrid: hahaha. öh öh du vet det ikke selv en gang så
cily: me 2!
anonym1: neeei
anonym2: neeei

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