goodbye rainy oslo, i'm going to greece for a week.
stay cute


little trouble girl

i'm not quite sure how this happened.
but somehow i ended up here friday night:

for you who don't get it, this is the annual top 20 concert where every 14yearold in oslo go. the kind of thing i desperately try to avoid, even when i actually was 14.

but we jumped around and screamed a bit and i'll admit that it was this fun:

saturday started, like the night before, in a friend's extremely big and tidy appartment... eh well. at least it's cozy. kinda.

then we went to see the satc movie, which sucked except for the part when mr. big dumped carrie (hysterically funny) and i got to throw popcorn on people.

and then i ran over here. 1/3 fun 1/3 boring 1/3 tacky night. i got home around noon today, and i still haven't slept much, maybe my body finally realized that sleeping is boring and cut out the tiredness. let's hope so.



very happy with my new style-generalization.

i've been to school for the last time in a long while, i've gotten my grades, i've caught up with friends, i've made pancakes, i've planned the weekend. one thing i haven't done is pack for greece, but that will probably sort itself out as usual. i'm leaving on monday.


and the junkie part

golden brown, texture like sun
lays me down with my mind she runs
throughout the night
no need to fight
never a frown with golden brown

the stranglers

the lolita part

humbert humbert: you know, i've missed you terribly.

lolita haze: i haven't missed you. in fact, i've been revoltingly unfaithful to you.

humbert humbert: oh?

lolita haze: but it doesn't matter a bit, because you've stopped caring anyway.

humbert humbert: what makes you say i've stopped caring for you?

lolita haze: well, you haven't even kissed me yet, have you?


pink socks and granny's old shoes

...the obvious thing to wear to hang out with anarchists in metal pubs. yesyesyes.

alos we figured that these shoes must be magical, they never go out of style, fit everyone (i remember wearing them years ago), and even though they're quite high, it feels like wearing air. imagine that. magic shoes. ahh.


polkashots suxxx

it's one of those days i don't really have anything to write, so i figured it was better not to. expectations kill creativity. photo: hoetell


since it's raining and all...

hello! this is where i've been since thursday. party. tomorrow i have to face civilization again.


Coffee and cigarettes

i could watch this movie every day.
it won't matter if it rains all summer, i'll just sit on the floor with my little tv and lots of candy and press replay till i fall asleep.
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ph: private

public relations

i'm in this months inside, together with sigrid, jostein (rip) and hildur. god, i hate to read my interviews... haha. i mean, i never remember saying half of what they write, and i'm not sure how i feel about all this "internet fashionista" talk. oh well. here it is anyway.

click to view bigger aso



i (finally) got myself a new e-mail adress, so from now on, send all love and requests to polkashots@hotmail.com.

soft candy

look at these dresses! made by central saint martins graduate maki nakamura. i have no words. except... wow.

“I want to create fantasy within the experience of everyday life. I want to make beautiful or pretty or kind of nostalgic things which were once there but people forget.”

photos: ponystep.com


vous n'avez pas des os en verre

i'm not quite sure what to do after school, but i know one thing; i'm gonna move to paris.

a friend and i are planning on living in an apartment like this:

the only furniture we'll need is two beds, huge closets, a mirror and a bath tub.

and we'll have a cat with no name to hang out in our window sill.

and people will come over and we'll have to sit on the floor, but it won't matter.

we'll borrow each others clothes and spend the nights smoking and looking at the stars from our balcony, i'll make him cook us breakfast, or maybe we'll go out and eat, or maybe we don't need to eat that much at all. and we'll do things for no particular reason and drink coffee from wine glasses and have eight lovers each and run a magazine together. and just maybe we'll be extremely happy.

[04:29] CANT SLEEP


it's total trash and it's a natural fact

i always have trouble defining my style in words. i'm just too schizo i guess. but baby jo came sortof close today:

you're kinda 'romantic lolita on heroin'.

haha. if he was straight i'd marry him any day.


i'm professional, BITCH

du would like to meet the queen

i found i-D in my mailbox today. hooray. du juan is crazy pretty.

read interview.