it's total trash and it's a natural fact

i always have trouble defining my style in words. i'm just too schizo i guess. but baby jo came sortof close today:

you're kinda 'romantic lolita on heroin'.

haha. if he was straight i'd marry him any day.


SICK. said...

romantic lolita on heroin ?
i love it !

plus that picture is really cute.
i quite like your blog, let's keep in touch !


annabananna said...

haha, that nails it. love that pictures of you!

Fleurette said...

hahaha PERFEKT beskrivelse!

Jenny said...

What a cute picture!

Ingrid said...

Du kan pule ham og få en ekte baby jo, for han vil prøve alt.

marie said...

du har jo sinnsykt kul stil da.

Anonymous said...

Stilig bilde:)

maja casablancas said...

sick.: thanx! sure
annabananna: thank yooou
fleurette: hehehe
jenny: :-)
ingrid: æsj, baby
marie: takk!
mille: takk hehee

Anonymous said...

Maja du har så mange gøye bilder !
klem susa :)

Renate said...

Det skjørtet er så nydelig :)

Goldswan said...

Gorgeous picture !It makes me think about the advertisement for Dior Chérie .
I love your blog, it is very cool and fashion !

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