the lolita part

humbert humbert: you know, i've missed you terribly.

lolita haze: i haven't missed you. in fact, i've been revoltingly unfaithful to you.

humbert humbert: oh?

lolita haze: but it doesn't matter a bit, because you've stopped caring anyway.

humbert humbert: what makes you say i've stopped caring for you?

lolita haze: well, you haven't even kissed me yet, have you?


Agnes. said...

Oh ze prittiness.

martemjau said...

ye s yes yes. drunk martemjau loves it. fine ting maja

Darjeeling Darling said...

Har du lest boka? You should.

Anonymous said...

i like your blog, and you strike me as intelligent.
but the only revolting thing here, is that you actually, throughout your posts romanticize Lolita, the aesthetics, the lifestyle, the lack of caring, it's downright repulsive, and if you're so cencerned about being cutsey and pretty and wearing your lace to see this and to care about what disgusting themes you glorifie, then you are truly a stupid, self-involved kid.

Agnes. said...

Jeez. Typisk anonym den over.

Greenbutton said...

naj! jeg finner ikke 3D brillene mine! >.<

Anonymous said...

wasn't lolita about some child molester who was in love with a 12 year old??

Lula said...

People are still having problems with that book... Even in 2008. This is one of my favourite ever, Nabokov has a splendid style, his words are really beautiful. Reading Lolita doesn't mean you support Humbert Humbert's actions which are of course more than horrible, but helps you to understand the incomprehensible, and this is, to my opinion, quite interesting and fascinating. In the end you quite feel attachment for H.H, and this is why I think Nabokov is a genius. I don't think being amazed by Nabokov's novel because of its intelligence and style means "glorifing" Humbert Humbert's actions.
But well, in a way, I guess that Nabokov succeeded into making people react, I didn't there was style a kind of controversy about that book.

Anonymous said...

you should change her name from lolita to dolores.

maja casablancas said...

agnes: yesss
martemjau: aww så bra, takk!
darjeeling darlig: jepp, i have
anonymous1&2: lula here explained it perfectly
lula: well said. fascinating and beautiful in a gross way.
anonymous3: why, that's her formal name, not what hh calls her. besides, dolores sounds ugly heh

Anonymous said...

oohh, i think dolores is a wonderful name. i just thought lolita looked kind of strange with the last name and all. have you read the book?

maja casablancas said...

ah, well well. yeah i have

Paolalala said...

Love it.
The dialogue fits perfectly in something that it’s happening to me right know, well, without the paedophile part.

Anonymous said...

dolores is a beautiful name. heartache.
i didn't react because of this one single post, but because of the constant coquettish coyish lolitaing.
i'm not gonna be a frown, i'll just stop reding your blog, since i guess it's not meant to provoke, so, have a good one. good luck with your blog and everything, you know the drill.

Lula said...

Dolores is a sad name, it actually means pain in spanish. Anyway. I think Maja wouldn't have posted something on Lolita without even having read the book. People who are annoyed by your style shouldn't just visit your blog. Haha.
Interesting little controversy and debate, btw :)

maja casablancas said...

anonymous: then we understand each other! if you dont like the constant coquettish coyish lolitaing, dont read it
lula: yeah, i kinda expected to get some reactions on this

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