soft candy

look at these dresses! made by central saint martins graduate maki nakamura. i have no words. except... wow.

“I want to create fantasy within the experience of everyday life. I want to make beautiful or pretty or kind of nostalgic things which were once there but people forget.”

photos: ponystep.com


johanna said...

I liked the black and white dress. (But the outer were cool too ;P)

Samariah said...

i want cupcakes

maja casablancas said...

that was my thought too

B-shizzle said...

Superfancy kjoler. Jeg vil ha den store, rosa sløyfen og putte på hodet.

Anonymous said...

Utrolig tøffe bilder, likte spesielt godt kjolen med den store sløyfa på! Hvem er yndlings fotografen din? :)

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