honey im hooooome

i wasn't planning on blogging today, but then again i wasn't planning on going out either. but i've been inside every night for a week now, and there's so much fun going on in oslo atm!
anyway, the mountains were pretty and relaxing, and i guess it's good for me to, you know, read books and play cards and do nothing without my laptop. tho one night i dreamt that i could check my e-mail. i think i need rehab.


Unrealized Fish said...

I love your blog, so I have linked you :) Have a nice holiday!

Anonymous said...

*hutre, så kaldt det så ut, men fortsatt veldig fint! norge er fint! ^^,

yanaiswasted said...

the pictures look lovely, ..i can't even remember when we had snow here the last time..! :)

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