now that i have my red shoes and everything... well. i want white ones too. oh, consumerism of today, yea yeah blahblah
i'd like them to be ballet flats, and you wouldn't think finding white ballet flats would be that hard, but i'm kinda picky. i've tried on several pairs, but they all look slightly... how do i say this in english. like something the stupid, blonde girls in junior high would wear. if you know what i mean.
but when i find the right pair i'm gonna wear them like this (ms paint <333)

i think it will look nice.

and since we're talking white shoes, "the white shoes series" by mari hirata is creepy in a wonderful way.


Blomsterplukker, vinterbarn. said...

Wow, man kan gjøre mye ut av sko gitt :)

Men ja, jeg likte ideen. Veldig kreativt og orginalt!

guess said...

du er søt

Ariella said...

repetto har veldig fine ballerina sko, men de kan være vanskelig å få tak i, og de er jo ganske dyre.

Anonymous said...

de har repetto på kemt og de har noe i la redoute

Anonymous said...

haha er det fjortis du mener med stupid blonde girls in junior high?

maja casablancas said...

blomsterplukker: mhm!
guess: haha
ariella & anonym: ahh, takk for tips
anonym2: heh, no sånt

Siri Malene said...

skooooo skooo skoooo!!!! <3

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