going steady

it's decided that my final exam will be in maths, and couldn't be happier (for once i'm not being ironic). it's so goddamn easy! (jeg har p-matte for dere som lurer...)

but i'm taking it slow this week anyway. tonight was spent at a cheap (but great!) sushi restaurant with a couple of friends, and then we had cake in the park and such. and i'm in bed before 2! though noone knows what i'll come up with tomorrow, so let's not congrat me just yet.

outfit sorta

i think i would do just fine on a diet consisting of sushi, cake and brie only.


eline said...

usj. matte eksamen på meg også..
men det bør vel gå greit ja:)

Sylvis said...

Jeg vil bare opplyse om at en viss person sa at bildet jeg tok av maten var stygt, men HAHA, det endte opp her likevel. I'm right (as usual).

maja casablancas said...

jammen stygt er jo bra

Anonymous said...

oh maja you're so completely wonderful...xxxx.

maja casablancas said...


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