This is how lovely I looked this saturday... Oh well. I had fun. Photos by Helene.


Fleurette said...

oooomg, you look awfully hot, really! what are you drinking? bacardi..? :-D pleaasee post more pics of the evening!

Alisa said...

your photos look like cobrasnake's. cool. jeg fikk veldig lyst på vodka cranberry

Helene said...

you can thank me and my beibeh for this 8-) Btw, maja rockz.

Maja said...

fleurette: why thanks, hehe. bacardi ja. det kan jeg vel alltids ordne!
alisa: aaw thanks :) her kjører vi bacardi razz og solbærsaft liksom.. høhø.
helene: oh yes, sorry! will be taken care of ;) helene rockz too.

Helene said...

Haha, I didn't mean it in like that. It was just a manner of speach.. or something :-D Have a nice day.

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