Ive had this pic on my computer foreeever, and I still love this Lacroix borche. Im not really a broche-girl, but I would totally make an exception for this. Its just so... over-the-top ugly. In a pretty way.


Sabina said...

Hey I read quite a few pages of your blog and I must say I thing your style is awesome! It's probably (or most certainly not) the first time someone says this but you kind of remind me Cory Kennedy ... :)
I hope you'll think it's a compliment :)
Well, I read what you said about french girls (that you've always wanted to be one) and I must say I'm a little stunned! I'm a french girl and I think swedish girls are so awesome and so original!
Anyway, I guess I'm going to have to say goodbye now, and you can visit my two blogs if you want :)
see you!

iszting said...

swedish girls are oh so awesome and so original, but unfortunetly maja is norwegian;-)

Maja said...

haha, thats right iszting ;)
but thanks sabina! i envy you because youre french, haha. i looked at your blog, and you look so chic!
and yeah, i get the cory kennedy-thing quite a lot...which is ok i guess :P thanks again!

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