Where it all happens

Someone asked me if I could post some pics of my room, and you know I only live to serve you, so here you go;

1. Books and bottles. And I found my Furby! It's permanently asleep though, as I remeber it to be quite fucking annoying.
2. MY DESK, where I spend most of my time... Hahaha. Spiderman.
3. Accessory corner. I just stash it all there and then forget it. Bad habit.
4. Actually a sofa, I just never get around to clean up after sleep-overs.
6. My bed. Tacky sheets, woho!
7. More clothes. And my foot. Mmmhm.

Looks surprisingly tidy today.


Alisa said...

ha ha "pete doherty is innocent!" i love it.

Anonymous said...

Kan du ikke legge inn nakenbilder av deg selv også? Siden du lever for oss.

Maja said...

seff! comming right up

Helene said...

nakenbilder........ mmmmmmm*sikle*

Sexy rom- meget sexy rom!

shamblebaby said...

love the pete-poster too <3

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