well hellooo. things are looking good atm. tomorrow i'm leaving for france! we're staying in eu in normandie most of the week, and then we'll have a couple of days in paris. french class trip. and when i come home it's april and hopefully a little warmer, and lots of good concerts and... umm. i was supposed to write more but my head hurts so bad i forgot what it was. oh well. here's pix from last night:

birthday kid

this girl looked so pretty!

omg wow i'm almost as cool as lindsay

not quite sure what happened here...

my tiny dress came along too. breathing is overrated.

i burned my arm really bad on a pizza tray... though you can't see it.

and ooooh, apparently spirit is out now! go get a copy, i'm on the cover. wooh.


Anonymous said...

i'd really like to see the magazine pictures of you. cold you please post them in your blog?

maja casablancas said...

sure! as soon as i'll get it myself.. in a week or so

Anneli said...

Elsker å lese det du skriver. Breathing is overrated.. haha

Anonymous said...

jeg skal skaffe meg spirit, må bare samle opp krefter til å dra og skaffe det først! xD

Shanti Braford said...

go on a diet, ya fat slut

Apfel & Piri said...

Digga kontrastbruken med glam og street i antrekket, nice!

Caroline said...

What? Er det Marie på det ene bildet? Det MÅ det jo være!

Anonymous said...

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enterrement de vie de jeune fille Paris said...

J'aime beaucoup toutes ces photos qui nous guident dans ton univers

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