pretty baby

brooke shields blablabla. it may be repulsive, but it's a very pretty movie, visually. i'm so in love with the costumes! lace all over. people should walk around in underwear like that all the time, that would be so much more fun. jeans. blah. at least i'm gonna wear this dress a lot more. it's nicer and lacier in real life. photos from um, google and oslonights


mademoiselle b. said...

i agree with you. don't like brooke but the movie is lovely.

DON'T SWEAT IT said...

haha, yes I've been hunting around for some vintage lingerie myself. Brooke Shields actually came to my school some time ago for a televised and exclusive interview. To be honest, it was quite boring but hey, it was free and I got to see Brooke in the flesh.

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