i suppose everybody has style icons, intentional or not, whether it's that girl in you class or mary-kate olsen. when i have to mention celebs i find inspiring, i usually say something like lou dillon, alice glass or chloë sevigny, and well, i do like them. but i think the really interesting people are the ones who don't care at all, about trends i mean. such as oldies, kids, junkies and hookers. i love eccentric old women loaded with jewelry and weird hats, and men in suspenders who look lost on the subway. and kids who obviously got dressed by themselves. apparantly i absolutely wanted to wear my flowery tights with a plaid skirt in kindergarten. oh well.

this is the cutest hobo in barcelona

and the baguette man from normandie

(i'd love to take their picture from the front, but i'm too wimpy)

anna piaggi's style is just... i wonder what's going on in her head. which is a good thing.

natalia vodianova + cute old lady

dries van noten fall 08

loretta lux takes beautiful children pics, though they're very uptight and in some way really freaking me out...

and well... this is obviously put together by some clever stylist, but still kind of cool. it's hard to find good pictures of real hookers. eh.


Ekaterina said...

the kids look alien-y for some reason... do kids really look like that?

Christine said...

de barnebildene frika meg skikkelig ut.
men Julia Roberts er nydelig. jeg vil ha håret hennes.

Ida Nuit said...

Jeg er så enig i at det er mye mer interessant å se folk som IKKE er "fashionable".
Mye mer spennende.

Bra post, <3 Loretta Lux.

Aids said...

Freaky barn.

Anneli said...

Du er et icon :)

maja casablancas said...

the kids are scary as hell

ida nuit: eller hur! takk

anneli: men awww. hehe

Benedicte said...

Creepy unger, de hadde gigahoder. Suspekt.

siiri said...

I totally agree with this, as much as I love all those "icons", nothing beats the thrill of seeing someone who's amazingly original and stylish but has no clue about it and/or doesn't give a shit him/herself :D

Anonymous said...

YOU are my style icon!!

Mattie said...

i think im gonna have a nightmar tonight because of those kids.. creepy

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