Serious Problem

Help, help. Tomorrow I'm leaving to spend four weeks on the sea, and packing is a total nightmare. Obviously I can't bring too much, because there's no room in out boat. But the fact that I can't shower every day is freaking me out, so at least I want clean clothes every day. AND, I don't want to walk around in just t-shirts and shorts for a month. In other words, I have to figure out something brilliant. Oh. Wish me luck.


Tekå said...

Er det Cory Kennedy på bildet? Haha :D Du kan ta med masse renseservietter og "vaske" deg med dem. bedre enn ingenting.

Tekå said...

btw, linker deg på bloggen min ;)

Maja said...

jaa, hun bare stakk innom her om dagen lissom :D renseservietter er kjøpt inn, men jeg synes de er så jævlig ekle. haha. I'll link back atcha darling!

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