Poor baby

This is me and my door window. Splendid.
But I feel really crappy today. I think I'm getting the flu or something, and I have tons of homework. Feel sorry for me!!!!!1!111one!!11!111


Tekå said...

I feel really sorry for you... It's finally weekend and I don't have any homeworks to do.. yeah.. :D

Btw, love the outfit! Where did you buy (bought..? what? I suck... and I hate grammar!) the pantyhose?

Maja said...

aaw, lucky bastard :o
pantyhose is probably from H&M, but got it for christmas a couple of years ago... he he
(and "buy" would be right :P)

Alisa said...

we're pretty much in the same boat - i'm also stuck with the flu and buttloads of homework. the only difference is that you look good and dress well while being sick. i on the other hand, tend to sit in my pyjamas and feel sorry for myself.

Maja said...

haha <3 right now i look like crap tho :P being ill sucks.

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