East London is a vampire

This is the worst day in a long time. I slept about two hours last night, and was dead tired all day, and I had to watch this movie and take notes in french class and I was so tired almost puked. When I finally got home, I slept for two hours and now I have to do my homework. Sorry folks, but I don't have time to blog anymore today. But will do great comeback tomorrow! So hold on.
But oh, I bougth new shoes today! The skopunkten ones. They are DELISH.


Tekå said...

jeg elsker den genseren, maja. den er fra urban outfitters, right?

Anonymous said...

den genser greia var kool

Maja said...

tekå: yes it is :)
jakopp: thanks!

ginajd said...

Jeg og elsker den genseren, og skoene er også kule!!

Forresten, jeg jobber ikke på Vero Moda i Karl Johan, men i Kongsberg, hæhæ..

Maja said...

åh.. hahaha. jaja, da kommer jeg ikke å besøker deg likevel :P

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