I often think that the feet and legs are the most interesting part of the outfit, and I'm totally addicted to cool socks, tights, leggings aso. This picture is from the Sartorialist, and I like it very much. I've spent the day making a french oral presentation, and now I'm stuck with my history assignment. Lovely. See you tomorrow.
Oh, and btw, the poll is finished and the old header won, but I havent decidet what to do yet. I'm working on it.


plingrid said...

Kan du sende meg historien din eller???? Plis.

Maja said...

jeg ække ferdig.. men du kan få det jeg har til nå. vice versa?

Fleurette said...

heeelt enig!
derfor har jeg beinfetisssssjjj.. haha!

plingrid said...

Henrik, i klassen min på Ris, ble tent av legger. Creepy?

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