I didn't get my ulgy Cavalli ring! I'm so sad. By the time I arrived at h&m, one hour after the opening, almost everything was gone. Seriously. And the clothes were dead ugly?? I bet some bleachedblonde middelaged women with too much clevage and wrinkles for their age grabbed all the rings because they thought were glamorous or something. "Ooooh, Cavalli!" Grrr. Grr. I want my ulgyring. This is what it looks like, btw; Photo from vouge.de


FashionFillers said...

So order it online ;) Shop.hm.com

Fleurette said...

hahaa den var så stygg at den ble dritkul!!!!

Fleurette said...

slike dager som cavalli for H&M, gina tricot åpning og sånt holder jeg meg langt unna. stor fare å bli myrdret av gamle damer med store vesker. geez! hahaha

Helene said...

jeg vil også ha uglyring.

Maja said...

fashionfillers: meh, i won't bother :P but thanks anyway!
flurette: ikkesant! uæh
helene: hvem vil ikke det liksom. :D

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