geography vs fashion week

i planned on documenting my day in pictures today, but i tend to forget things so my cam isn't exactly loaded with pix. but here are some.

morning light. the middle of nowhere can be pretty too! ehhh

aww cuuuute

i had to make a new painting since the old one disappeared. blah. so far it looks like crap.

after rushing through my social studies test, i skipped the rest of the day to see a couple of shows. pluss side: front row, goodie bags, hot male models, ballet dancers on the runway. minus side: ugly clothes, boring clothes, and, for some sick reason they had decided to have the last show outside. it was freezing. poor models.



margrethe said...

merker at jeg gjerne skulle vært på noen av de showene, litt missunelig på den vip-biletten.

Oslonights.no said...

Majaaa! Tusentakk for bloggehjelp:) Fiiine bilder du har tatt, alle: sjekk posten Lipstick på Oslonights.no

maja casablancas said...

margrethe: hehe den lå i gaveposen. måtte jo leke litt deilig med den
oslonights: woho! bare hyggelig

yanaiswasted said...

hooooow comes you're a vip and get goodie bags?
i'm jealoussss

maja casablancas said...

coz im 2 cool 4 schooool

Silly S said...

Hvordan får man vip bilett til oslo fashion week? Det lurer jeg på. Heldigris!

Anonymous said...

lucky you lady!!

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