my mental breakdowns heal quickly

i've ditched a party two days in a row now.
time to make it up! justice is in town but of course i didnt get around to buy a ticket, so i'm going for the afterparty (the idioteque one. 2 pricy at blÄ). might hang around rockefeller and hope for a ticket to show up. probably not.
also I made a new header.
also I need a place to live. anyone? i can't cook, clean or pay for myself but I'm really cute! and i have candy. please?


blillie said...

uuh, <3 justice

Reinedelaseine said...

Haha you are funny and cool. I wish you could live with me!! I live on the other side of the world though :P

maja casablancas said...

the other side of the world sounds great to me!

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