la france, part one

i'm back! normandie was crap, but that one day in paris was worth the whole trip. ahhhhh. it's so beautiful there, and everybody are dead stylish. well, almost. why do people live in, say oslo, when you can be in paris?? i'm moving there right after i graduate.
anyway. i took more than 600 pics, and since blogger is a bitch i think i'll take this piece by piece. starting with normadie aka the boring part.

we lived in ville d'eu (which sounds just like 'vil dø' which is norweagian for 'want to die' which is very convenient), the smallest town in france i suppose. everything died at like 7 pm. even the pubs closed. wtf?

we got up at 7 am every day, and i tried to hijack the shitty shower before one of the other 11 girls did, and then we had breakfast and did tourist stuff all day. we went to the cathedral, the castle, the theatre, a glass maker place, a cheese production place, a cider production place, etc etc... i think we did everything there is to do there.

everybody's main interest was food. eh. most used phrase; un pain au chocolat, s'îl vous plait.

french kitsch, hah. nice

there were loads of bus riding

and loads of these hanging around. the inhabitants of eu must be extremely needy.

the only hobo in town. he sat in that same place every day, eating baguettes. france is wonderful.

the cows loved me...

two pairs of glasses of course.

awww we loved this man. he's like mark darcy only french, and owns a huge house with an even bigger garden that he decorates with his own sculptures. and he has a nice chair and a cute cat. so we decided to bring out our inner twelweyearolds and write silly things in his guestbook.

part two up tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

oops, du glemte visst å vousvoye mannen! VOUS etes très mignon,

maja casablancas said...

neineinei, man sier da tu til forloveden sin. eh

Livros e Revistas said...

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nonpareil said...

hehe your silly note in the guestbook is adorable. and how can you not like tiny french villages? maybe not to live in, but i adore visiting them. and the food.

Anneli said...

Vil dø. HAhahah jeg ler!:D

Anonymous said...

wonderfulll pics.

Christine said...

haha, herlig :) blei nesten litt sjalu nå, Frankrike er så fint! dritkule bilder av deg spirit forresten! og, jeg henta levis buksa mi idag, den var kul B)

ingrid said...

Haha, gjestebok hilsenen var søt!Kanskje et kjedelig sted, men bildene var morsomme:)

Aids said...

Franske bakevarer<<3<13233<3

Anonymous said...

franskriket! =O så gøy ut... ALLE KAKENE! P:

Kristin Vicious said...

Oioioi, det så fint ut. Jeg liker Frankrike, jeg.
Leste forresten artikkelen i Spirit, dritkult :)

maja casablancas said...

nonpareil: it was nice and everything, but so exhausting. plus there was nothing to do and the people there sucked. eh
anneli: haha
sally: thnxxx
christine: takk søta! jeg sto i snær ti minutter utafor utro i dag og stirra på med selv i bladhylla og følte meg patetisk. og så henta jeg buksa som jeg har solgt til broren min høhøh
ingrid: hehe takk
aids+greenbutton: KAKE!!! <345666

maja casablancas said...

åja, kristin: jeg liker også frankrike. egentlig. og takk!

Næd said...

Fransk mat(L)(L)(L) Jeg tror bare spiste terter og chevrebaserte digge ting når jeg var i Frankrike sist. Mmm.

Jenny said...

Lovely pictures. I have to go to France again sometime soon. These pictures make me realize how much I love the place.

Looks like you had a great time and all the food looks absolutely delicious.

Lilledyret said...

Er det Vanessa som har farget håret halvveis rødt..?? Scary scary! (Tror hu heter det.. Hun som iallefall jeg trodde kom til å bli sammen med Christian..:P)

Skulle ha presset meg oppi en koffert og vært med! Paris = *yey*

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