la valise

that article made me look awfully widely traveled, with all the 'i bought this thing in barcelona' and the suitcase and eveything. which was kinda random. because actually, i'm holding my tights suitcase! you might know that i don't wear jeans and such (it happens, but usually it feels too, i dunno, ordinary, not that skirts are the most indie thing on the world) so obviously i need a lot of tights. and... this is where i keep them. it used to be my grandfather's and the photographer thought it was cute i guess. so now you know.


Jelra said...

i really like your blog!
especially the pictures, nice.

adri said...

and how did the photographer know that you have the suitcase?


Anonymous said...

wow, du har mange tights! xD

maja casablancas said...

jelra: thx!
adri: because he was in my room and saw it and asked what it was for. heh

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