i dont know why, but i find it so extremely... inspiring. particulairy when it's old and lacy. my biggest challenge in life is to find ways to show it off a little without looking like a total slut. hah. hard knock life.


LuluB@bie said...

Thats what I tried to do with this Victoria Secret leopard print bra under this nice white dress, but it kinda did look trashy. Tell me if you find a way that doesn't look like you should be on a corner, lol.

Anonymous said...

come on Maja, never slutty - always classy with a twinkle in your eye haha!

Anneli said...

Det hun på det siste bildet hadde på seg, så jo nesten mer ut som en kjole/jumpsuit. Elsker den:D Er det galliano?

maja casablancas said...

lulub@bie: that sounds marvellous to me! heheh i will

ano: yes ofcourse. haha

anneli: omg iknow! galliano it is. aw '03 for å være nøyaktig

Maria said...

You should check out this etsy-seller, she has amazing vintage-looking lingere, which I'm sure you'll find a way to show off without looking trashy!

Kjempefin blogg:)

maja casablancas said...

oh, takk!

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