maybe we should blame it on the structures of the sun

since i just got back and there are some new readers here and all, i thought a real proper introduction would be appropriate. come to think of it, i've never really done that.

so, hello.
my name might be maja casablancas.
i might be 17 years old.
without music i might have killed myself a long time ago.
luckily i have decent parents so i grew up with morrissey and prince, and i got punk and metal from my older cousin. the first time i remember hearing a song and thinking "omg i love this, what is it?" it turned out to be britney spears.
four or five years ago i refused to listen to anything but rock.
i don't dare to listen to my favourite songs, cause i know they'll make me cry.

i got tagged or something, so here's seven songs i like right now:

air - playground love
no age - teen creeps
santogold - say aha
death from above 1979 - dead womb
the cool kids - pump up the volume
les savy fav - what wolves would do
deftones - knife party

mgmt's 4th dimensional transition almost made it, but i'm so sick and tired of hearing about them all over, so not. (please don't be mad because i don't tag anyone else. heh)

otherwise... i don't remember the last time i cut my hair.

i quit smoking every sunday.

i'm always in love but i rarely know with who.

i do one thing every day that scares me.

i always change my mind.

i love life.

i hate reality.

and i am, like many bloggers, slightly narcissistic.

so... who are you? i'm DYING to know.


kirstie said...

dead womb = <3
no one i know likes that song. it makes me sad.

not much i can say about myself, i'm always changing. basically, when i find something i like, i do it in excess until i'm completely sick of it.

clare catastrophy said...

i'm very glad you're back! your style adds a nice jolt of cool to my life.

i don't think that i've commented before but... i'm clare & i live in the US. i suppose on surface, we're rather different. i just cut my hair last sunday, & i am only 15... but nonetheless i think you're quite admirable! (as is your musical taste.. something which is similar to me)

nonpareil said...

well, i'm 17 aswell, but that's about all we have in common. i love cutting my hair, so it's never going to get past my shoulders, i've never smoked and when i was a child, my parents played 80s taiwanese pop around the house - luckily i was not indoctrinated. i like air aswell, but i like angry female vocals better(eg. cocorosie and martha wainwright)

the other day i saw a dress like the little black one that you are wearing. i wanted it so bad, but buying a tiny 2nd hand dress for $30 dollars is what i call a faux pas. i pretend that i dont give a damn about fashion, but secretly i have a pile of fashion mags under my bed and i stalk fashion blogs. though i find that your blog is more just randomness rather than fashion, so i'm allowed to like it.

Anonymous said...

I love waking up early in the morning, music makes me happy, I dance but never go out, I learn for life, but I do on short-time memory, I love eating, and I love your blog. I am not only slightly narcissistic, but very much, and ego-centric, too. I kinda think I would be very good friends with myself.

Nice to meet you.

Eira & Henrikke said...

vi bare elsker oss selv assa.. også elsker vi crappy musikk og chris crocker. kanskje vi er litt narcissister, for vi synes vi selv er så ekstremt kule.. derfor burde du lese bloggen vår! =D

petra said...

i'm petra. i read your blog cause it makes me smile and thinking of having kids like you HA! weeeell i'm not that old really.
i also think without music i would'd been dead for quite a while now.
i'm soon off to berlin and sardinia. i love my boyfriend and hate not being kissed.

also i have a blog.

have a good day

fluorescent adolescent said...

i'm 17 too, a big fan of your blog and hail from Singapore (but spend most of my time in a magical place i call The Maybe World). a theatre, philosophy, history and literature geek, i also enjoy fashion, film and unicorns. my current obsessions include Michel Gondry, Jim Jarmusch and Julie Delpy. (And Air is one of my favourite bands ever!)

jostein // beautiful stranger said...

fyfaen maja.

spørsmål på blogg?

du = nye lissis.

:( :( :(

Carina said...

I found your blog because it was linked in another one. And I'm happy I did.
I'm 18 (turning 19 in 17 days) and my blog is really new.
I'm coffee addicted and I love watching all the reality shows on german TV.
My parents are a little like hippies or sth. so very easy going but I got a good education.
I'm a very optimistic and realxed person which a lot of people can't understand. But why panic when I know panic will change nothing?!
I love your blog.

maja casablancas said...


jeg ber hvertfall ikke folk skrive hva de syns om meg...

Young Mind said...

like the dress! ^-^

Lula said...

Right now I feel terribly tired because of last night party... I came back a few minutes ago, by feet, wearing stupid summer sandals while it was raining. It made me smile though. But more generally, I'm Léa, 17, from France. I enjoy loads of different bands and singers, it goes from Mos Def to the Velvet Underground, Justice, Marianne Faithfull or even the Spice Girls (haha, we all are from the 90s right ?). Last night during the party, we all felt asleep listening to Air, Elliott Smith, Bob Dylan and Serge Gainsbourg. Gainsbourg and Dylan are my favourite songwriters ever. I love fashion too, even if my ecologist parents think it's quite stupid. I'm currently seeking for an apartment in Paris, and my mom just told me it was 90% sure I was going to be accepted in La Sorbonne. I'm happy, then, but I'm gonna go to bed now :D Oh and I love your blog !

iszting said...

jostein: sammenlign ikke maja med Dummkopf " folk synes jeg er pen og jeg er ogsa litt nasjonalistisk, men bare pa en snill mate" Lise, nei, nei, nei, gjor ikke det, det gjor meg vondt! :-)

ellers er jeg en gammel leser pa 29 fra et land som er helt det motsatte av landet ditt og ligger mer enn 1000km lenger sor-ost -og snakker likevel ditt sprak. livet er fult av misterier.

jeg ble skikkelig nyssgjerrig pa foreldrene dine etter det med morrisey. foto? er de kanskje ogsa narcissistiske?:-)

Pernille Tårnes said...

I`m not 17, I`m turning 14 tomorrow and I started reading your blog because I saw the article about you in Inside and it inspired me to start blogging :D. I really love your blog, and you`re such a good writer :].
I love life, but hate the reality myself, I rather stay in my own world with bubblegums, chocolate and hats.
I don`t cut my hair often.. my mum does, when I need a change or something.
I don`t know what music I like, but I think it`s something around Karpe Diem pr Foo Fighters. I`m listening to everything.. ALMOST everything.
I love the word "flosshatt", but I don`t think it`s an english word for it ;l.
I don`t think they have a word for "tyllskjørt" either, and I love "tyllskjørt" :'D.
I`m kind of a boring person, and very weird, but I like beeing myself :]

Unrealized Fish said...

jeg er anefisk. 16 år. vimsete. lever i nuet. og sånn ellers når jeg vil.

Daesy Kowaisy said...

Jeg er morra di!


Anonymous said...

Jeg er den anonyme personen som elsker å skrive unødvendige kommentarer på et par faste blogger. Jeg liker å kjøpe dyre merkeklær, for så lenge klærne mine er dyre nok kan ingen si at de er stygge eller teite. Og skulle noen gjøre det har de tapt, da skjønner jeg jo straks at de er fattige. Jeg hater fattige mennesker, jeg elsker å farge håret, og jeg har aldri begynt å gråte av en sang.


Anonymous said...

my name is caroline. i am 17 yrs old, from durham, england. i hate dogs, but have a lot of pictures of them on my wall. i like yr blog because i live in durham, and if you stand out here, you're a freak. so i read yours instead of being one myself. and i know, billy elliott "lived" here, but whatever. i like your hair. it's messy. <3<3

Te said...

Welcome back! You're so right about bloggers being a bit narcissistic hahaha.

About me, I'm 20, a mix of Irish and Kiwi and I live in Australia. I go to uni and study completely irrelevant but awesome topics. I hate sitting in a seat which someone has sat in recently and left it all warm. I spend most of my life on public transport. I'm moving to Europe in 2010. :)

goshi the panda said...

i'm me ;>

Anonymous said...

jag är döden

Pernille said...

Hvorfor kommenterer dere "kule" "poppulere" bloggere aldri på andre sine blogger, bare hverandres? Leser dere i det hele tatt bloggene til de som kommenterer på deres blogger?

maja casablancas said...

it's so nice to read about you guys! you all sound amazing, i think we'd be very good friends.

pernille: for å være helt ærlig, nei. jeg leser bare bloggene til de jeg kjenner. med noen unntak. og da som regel fordi de er så dårlige at det er gøy, og da har det jo sine naturlige årsaker at jeg ikke kommenterer. litt dårlig av meg asså. (ps, hot surfetips: ordnett.no)

Anonymous said...

jeg drømmer om å starte et band og spille musikk, men det har aldri fungert. det er nok noe av det som plager meg mest.

jeg elsker rudolf nilsen og synes det er veldig trist at han døde så ung

Anonymous said...

vell, har mildt sakt blitt hektet på å lese blogger, og din er en av de jeg liker godt:) Har den listet opp " blogs I like" på min egen blogg:p

hvem jeg er ser du vell egentlig her?


Portofoglio said...

hahahahahhaha ordnett.no

Johanne said...

Jeg er 18 år og begynnte å blogge først nå...Har funnet ut at det er veldig gøy og veldig avhengighetskapende. Leste forresten intervjuet med deg i Inside i dag. Du er inspirerende(:

Marlen said...

Har du noen eksempler på ting du gjør som skremmer deg? tenkte siden du skreiv at du gjorde noe du var redd for hver dag :) Inspirerende!

Veldig fin blogg :)

Nidvegvesenet said...

Fuck you and your million readers! :D
Jeg og bergseth skal lage moteblogg, prepare to get owned.

lacey said...

i like the sun
i love the dark
i always thing about quitting smoking, but know i never will
i love my captain morgan and anything else alcoholic
people are so very interesting
when i meet dean and dan caten my life will be complete.
i'm lacey and i adore your blog<3

maja casablancas said...

marlen: alt fra små ting som å mose en av de 1000 edderkoppene som bor på rommet mitt (uæh) til å klatre ned stup. det blir natrligvis mest av de små tingene da. jeg bare gjør alle tingene jeg egentlig ikke tør

Katlin at Urple said...

I really should try one thing a day that scares me.... that just might be my new thing to do. But, like you, I always change my mind (damn that indecisive quality kicking in!), so who knows!
I like looking at your blog and just seeing what's happening in other parts of the world. I love your style for it's quirky touches!

emma said...

I'm Emma, 17 years old, from Finland. I love childhood memories, warm and beautiful summer nights, making lists of different things and the colours of different indicators. Something nice studying chemistry :--) And, I like your blog. Keep going.

maya said...

hey! where have you bought that dress?

Mattie said...

i love the dress with the tee under look. really cute

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