baby please kill me

school's horrible. i can't take all these routines and getting up early and concentrating and sitting still in tiny classrooms doing pointless things.
i miss the holiday. i miss sitting on roofs, smoking in window sills, sleeping all day, dancing all night, wearing the same clothes two days in a row cause i never got home, having time to do everything i want to, but ending up lying in bed all day. i miss the ocean, bare legs, ice cream for breakfast, cake for dinner, festivals, sunshine, sitting in parks, new friends, old friends.

i want to go to bed at 6 am, not get up at 6 am.

photos: christiane grelland, richard eriksen, idacandy, me


maiken said...

i hate school=( you made me long back to the holidays even more.. i like your photos

laabigna said...

really cool photos.

my school began last week, and i just wanna go back,
and drink wine, smoke and jump around with glitter all night

Fleurette said...

du burde ikke lese blogger i TIMENE, majsen! fy! jeg ser deg!

My Greatest Intervention said...

ever thought about combining the ah-so-great pleasures in life? cut through the so called contradictions and apparent diametrically opposites - bring your bottle of wine, sigarettes, power naps and the-everything-you-want to the classroom. your grades might be slightly different, but what the heck - difference is all that matters..

kirstie said...

nice photos... you'd be so fun to party with!

Cassie Casserole said...

Aah, vet akuratt hva du mener! Sommerferien skulle ha vart evig, men da igjen, så hadde det vell blitt så stas med sommerferie.

Suzy Cream Cheese said...

Marie sine pupper, IGJEN! w00t

Anonymous said...

Agreed on the school thing. I normally go to bed really late and now I have to get up the same hour I usually went to bed. That's just to wired.

Loved the pictures form the roof. Really cool, looks fun.

- Johanna

maja casablancas said...

maiken: oh i'm sorry haha. thnx
laabigna: thnxx. yeah dont we all
fleurette: pfff media research iks
my greatest intervention (look i spelled it right): sadly its my last year so i need my grades. but thank god for weekends.
kirsty: hehe thnx
cassie: jaa joo sant nok
suzy: and again and again and again
johanna: yeah, sick. and horrible. thnx, roofs are fun

christiane / snusk said...

aw. så fint. jeg synes vi hadde det såå gøy når jeg var i oslo. og jeg gleder meg kjempe masse til neste gang! vi skal jo på bonde do role og blå! yey. og vi har bart?

maja casablancas said...

jaa og det var dødsgøy i skien, haha. friday baby! og vi får vel ha bart da.

Anonymous said...

jeg går på samme skole som deg nå (jeg så deg der), og jeg digger den :)

maja casablancas said...

si hei neste gang! elvebakken er fin den asså

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