weekend wars

since i take photo classes now i get to borrow a camera from my school! i'm not sure that includes taking it out on town, but what's the point of having a camera if you cant use it to take pictures of your beautiful friends having fun? yeah exactly. so i did anyway.

christiane is back in town!

we got all dressed up and went out in the night, the subway is so totally glamorous.

pout pout pout

we convinced each other to wear heels, not very dance-friendly, but at least we looked hot.

went to see bonde do role, pretty great concert.

after a while i gave up and danced barefoot. rip pantyhose.

trond erik onstaaage

after some messing around we ended up in this dodgy pub, kinda boring, but familiar faces all over.

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happy julie

saturday we went to see some friends play.

(nice sunset.)

and then we went to freudian kicks for some free booze, thoguh we mainly hung out outside in the window sills as usual...

and then... blablabla

haha, flashhhhh

theeen we went to the fuck shop (the club-thing, not a real fuck shop, sadly). too crowded, sortof got thrown out, escaped backstage, met junkie looking woman who told us to eat crackers if we got knocked up.

the end.

ps. im working on the answers...
ps2. the safe as milk-mystery is solved! turnes out it was the captain beefheart album after all. hm.


Anonymous said...

oh I'm good! (the safe as milk thing)

Agnes. said...

Dere jenter er så søte. Må ta en mer ordentlig fest en gang. ^^

she like electric said...

Your lives are far more interesting than mine. (And cooler to read). Nice outfits, btw. You are my inspiration (!)

Cassie Casserole said...

fun fun fun

Katie Rosemary said...

Nice photos! Cameras are definitely for taking on nights out.
You've all got great effortless style

christiane // snusk said...

two great nights!
but i look kinda silly on some the photo's.

Anonymous said...

vet du om christiane har bodd på kongsvinger?

Næd said...

Rett inn bar!! Haha. Endt opp der ett par ganger etter dårlige revyfester rundt svingen.

Rakel said...

what a nice weekend

Anonymous said...

ahahaha rett inn. slår aldri feil.

christiane /// snusk said...

du anonyme!! hvem er du??
ja, har bodd der!

skriv til meg på:

vær så snill? (:

Birte said...

hei. jeg er anonym. eller jeg er birte. uansett. jeg synes du lignet utrolig mye på en venninne jeg hadde når jeg gikk i 2. klasse og bodde på kongsvinger. og siden du het christiane trodde jeg kanskje det var deg. men det kan vel du svare på?

christiane /// snusk said...

birte nedi veien?
vi skulle spleise foreldrene våre birte, som flytta birte??
jeg er så glad! hihi

maja, vet ikke så mye om det, egentlig ingenting.

så skriv til meg, det hadde vært fint.

jeg ble utrolig glad nå. følte med ett at jeg fant en del av barndommen. hoho

du kan legge meg til på msn:

maja casablancas said...


christiane said...

i know, maja.
i love u
i love u
i love u <3

christiane said...

i don't like coke, i like the way it smells.. all over fuck shop! really.. i heard someone mention it, and then it hit me. yes! coke all over. like, the junkie woman - COKE! the other backstageroom (not the one we sat in) - COKE!
and on friday, BDDC. there will be COKE! hahaha

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