3 fashion week favourites

josh goot
really nice colors and patterns. the second dress reminds me of a painting i made some years ago.

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peter pilotto
perfectly 90's-ugly at times.

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oh just look at the glitter pacman dress! amazing

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(photos: style.com)


kastanj said...

nice. im norwegian too. en svensk norsk

kastanj said...


Silje said...
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klara said...

giles #2! so cute.

Anja said...

I like <3 Cool Photos

Sukkerbit said...

jeg trodde pacman var en badeball.

Kari said...

Kjole nr 2 fra Giles er... ja, ubeskrivelig!

maria said...

de med sånn pacaman huer var litt kule ;p

besøke ?

ida said...

naaaiiiicccceee :D

Anonymous said...

I like the packman thing going on.

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