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stephy said...

oh my god, i fancy your hair. did you dye it?
or is it just some photoshop magic?
come on, tell us? ;)

Silje said...
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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

tori amos used this (scanner?) technique for her "from the choirgirl hotel" cover.
it's beautiful ))

Lee Jones said...

this pictures are wicked cool.

caroline said...

fantastisk fint.

Anonymous said...

when did you start smoking?
have you always been that thin?

you look amazing, and I love your style. keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Du har alltid så kule bilder på bloggen :-) Så er du veldig flink til å skrive! Liker bloggen din veldig godt !


kirstie said...


maja casablancas said...

stephy: well, i just put my head in the scanner and it turned out like this. hehe.
silje: taakk
porcupineology: merci
anonymous: oh yeah that's right. its gorgeous
lee jones: thnx!
caroline: takktakktakk
anonymous: 1. i dont remember. 2. no, i was skinnier before 3. thnx!
anonymous: tusen takk!
kirstie: glad u like it

Aliliisa said...

i want your hair :c

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