K: 100%

didn't blog this week because... eh i didn't feel like it.

but i've done all my homework this week! almost. and i haven't been late for school one single day. and i've stopped going out and messing up my life. haha kidding. but yeah, i have done my homework.

also suddenly all i wear is black. fall got to me after all i guess. but that's ok, black is good.

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i-D agrees

ipso facto agree too

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oh and check out ehh fashion today! dreamteam


banana said...

fint antrekk :D
oi, de ehh fashion bildene var skikkelig stilige.

elin.e said...

vilken skön kännsla jag får i magen

Laura said...

Black is more than good. And I love the lace clothing in i-D.

Silje said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anne said...

black is the new black.
oh im so clever.
dritfine sko!

Lula said...

Hey Maja ! Just featured you on my blog... Check it out !

Lula said...

Yes I live in Paris ! My parents are in my flat today to install all the furniture haha. So I'll be perfectly moved in like, tomorrow. It's great you visiting Paris ! Are you coming with your parents ?

maja casablancas said...

banana: takk!
elin.e: så braa
laura: yeah me too
silje: mm, tho it gets a bit depressing after a while
anne: hehee. takk!

Suzy Cream Cheese said...

Etter at Ipso Facto minnet meg på hvor utrolig sexy bollesveis egentlig er, får jeg litt lyst til å få den tilbake.

Anonymous said...

Ååh! Hva er det med den altfor stygge bob-frisyren alle skal gå i rundt med? 1960 er over!!!:P

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