onedollar shirt

fashion is:
* fun
* personal
* constantly evolving
* not that serious

fashion is not:
* something you can make rules for and put in a book.

this is what i wore saturday night, sunday, monday, tuesdag, wednesday and partly thursday last week. FRESH. there's a reason why i never post outfits.

photos: jostein

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The Raconteuse said...

very true, fashions really not something to make rules for :)
<3 1$ shirts <3

E from the 80's said...

PER, DU LYVER! Lørdag hadde du på deg Britney t-skjorta til Støyvind! Hah!

maja casablancas said...

FORRIGE lørdag, erland. lær deg å lese aaa lzzmm

Matilda Iréne Linnéa said...

Handsome outfit!

heidå said...

det så kaldt ut

Anonymous said...

synes du det er pent med store hofter? jeg er bare nysgjerrig. jeg kunne ønske jeg hadde sånne fine, slanke bein som deg.

Kristina said...


Anonymous said...

hvor har du fått de fine skoene?

Suzy Cream Cheese said...

Herregud, Maja, hvordan greier du å ikke ligge hjemme med influensa nå?

Jostein said...

tnx for the credit.


tack for at du var slem mot signy fardal.

ikke ironisk.

maja casablancas said...

matilda: thnx!

heidå: det var det og. men jeg var bare ute i 5 min da. jeg har en jakke, believe it or not

anonym: store hofter er dødshot!

kristina: hehe takkkkk

anonym: doc martens

silje: hehehe. som sagt, jeg var bare ute 5 min.

jostein: sånn. værsego. hihi.

sigs said...

hehe. fin comment. fashion bible go home!

arienette said...

i wear that exact same outfit all the time. it's ridiculous. just so so comfy.

Anonymous said...

Signy sladder?

maja casablancas said...

sladder, nei

Teabagstains said...

i <3 your hair! and fashion is all about fun

Adriano said...

love it

maiken said...


themayfly said...

you're totally right.
haha glad it's not just me that wears the same outfit for days. especially ones as good and as comfy as that one looks.
nice blog!

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