chistmas gifts bought: 1
things bought for myself: 6

oops. oh well. holidays! yesss. life's exciting.

britney spears - early mornin' (jason nevins remix)
photos: foto decadent (probably), books of albion

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emiliesierting said...

cute, i have the same dilemma, so i decided for a creative strategy. making stuff is more thoughtful, apparently.

amanda said...

colleget är amaZING

Rabenschwarz said...

great new header. i also haven't christmas gifs yet.

Eira said...

har du lagd collagen eller er den fra petes dagbøker? anywayz, den var kool.

shamblebaby said...

i love the 2nd one

E from the 80's said...

<3 forever and alwayz

my greatest intervention said...

it´s not the dance but what it leads to. yeakes.

Elle est où ma caisse? said...

have fun during the holidays!
x lien&roes

Cyber puppy 007 said...

early mornin' was the first song of the day, everyday, last spring. iz lovely to wake up 2. gettin' jiggy with it

anywhere I lay my head said...

Awesome collage:D Christmas gifts are so much easier to buy to oneself ^^

Lee Jones said...

i love that picture of kate moss!

Miriam said...

ggggggggreat song hah

mia eline said...

ah, fine bilder av deg på cobrasnake.com! :)

cindy said...

LOL! i'm sooo tempted to waste all of my money away on myself. i feel so selfish.

Sharlo said...

I only got cards. I still need to get presents for everyone.
lovely. oh well. Big G wil help me
ur on cobrasnake. wuwuwuw

Daesy Kowaisy said...

Marlene Dietrich indeed.

Anonymous said...


maja casablancas said...

emiliesierting: yeah i'm making most of my presents i just... havent done it yet. haha
amanda: i knoow, its from the books of albion.
rabenschwarz: thnx, i didnt make it myself though.
eira: den er nok fra petes dagbøker ja. glemte helt å skrive på kilder. uh oh
shamblebaby: me 2
e from the 80s: love love love
my greatest intervention: haha
lien&roes: thnx, you too!
cyber puppy 007: i luvz it
anywhere i lay my head: PETE made it. lol. haha true dat
lee jones: yeah she looks so cute
miriam: indeed
mia eline: takk! flaut az.
cindy: haha yeah.. i love giving away presents, its not that, i just havent had the time to buy them yet.
sharlo: yeah saw it. yikes
daesy kowaisy: indeed indeed indeed
anonymous: OMG OMG OMG

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