analogue january

the first month of the year looked something like this:

monday depressions at jernbanetorget
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cava-testing at gaute's (lol)
dancing at upopulær
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(fantastic grkn and his fantastic tshirt)
fernet n fernouts
slagsmålsklubbing at chateau neuf... i'm probably the wrong person to complain about this, but there were just too many idiot kids there, so we left in the middle of the show.

instead we went to ellen & jon's amazing marie antoinette birthday bash. everybody looked like wedding cakes and i felt bad for not having dressed up.

(atle, your hair should be white all the time)

slow sundays

etcetera. good month.


Kamilla said...

Helt enig i det med slagsmålsklubben. Vi dro også!

Anna said...

Were these taken on a disposable cam? I just got into using those again.
love it!

Moodie said...

Your blog is too cool Maja ! Go check out mine, I just started.

Christiane Grelland said...

aww. så fine bilder. spess de fra upopulær :) <33 :)) <3

arienette said...


Society Hill said...

your life across the globe looks exactly like my life in philadelphia, you should come

Carro said...


Elle est où ma caisse? said...

we're gonna see slagsmålsklubben too..hope that there will not be annoying kids

nice pictures!

Shila Ghaisani said...

cool pics. looks like you had fun as well.

Anonymous said...

Ah, den ironiske "kitsch eller camp?"-barten. When does that ever get old?

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