buh bye 2008

let's just say it's been a fun year.
2009 will be scary as hell.

photos: carina, anna m, charmere, fleurette, idacandy, debvhdg, private













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Eira said...

så fet måte å oppsummere på, godt nyttår!

Dane said...

Great pictures! Happy new year!

yelrebmik said...

what a fun 2008 you've had!
happy new year!!

Anonymous said...

NICE - and you kept the same hairstyle through the whole year haha.

AMELIE said...

i love your blog. ill take a link of my blog.


maali-lifestyle said...

trodde det va deg i topp bladet! så netopp i de gamle bladene mine skjønner du.
digger bloggen din ;-)

Elle est où ma caisse? said...

nice photos
why do u think 2009 is gonna be scary for you?

anywhere I lay my head said...

2008 was wonderful! I hope you will have an awesome 2009!

Anonymous said...

elska det bildet fra paris! Gødt nytt år :D

Victoria said...

Your life looks great, you look great. Bet you dont even need "Happy new years" but youll get one anyway ;))))) Happy New Years :D

Siska said...

happy new year sweetie!

Kamilla said...

Så braaa!

Kitty said...

Your 2008 looks like it was a ball, lets hope 09 is just as good! And I am very jealous of your hair - lush!
Kitty x

lenalicious said...

åååh digg digg digg <3

Mulier Per Vox said...

Eg likar bilda! Korleis kamera har du?! Tusen hjartleg!

maddie said...

Great pictures, Sweden looks so fun!

Elisabeth Muma said...

De røde skoene med sløyfene på bildet under juni var sinnsykt skjønne. Skulle likt og hatt de. Kjempekule bilder resten og :)) Det ser ut som du får mye ut av året!

Pixienish said...

HAHAHA a year in style! You are so adorable. I love your hair :)

maja casablancas said...

thanx, happy new year to you too!

elle est ou ma caisse: cause this is the year i'll leave school and move out and figure out what to do with my life. eek!

mulier per vox: jeg har et leica c-lux 2, men mange av disse er tatt med engangskamera og lomo fisheye

maddie: IM FROM NORWAY heheheh.

tony said...


L A D Y E L E C T R I Q U E said...

dig yer clothes lady.

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