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chob, i-D


maali-lifestyle said...

cool , nice pic.
elsker bloggen din :)

Miriam said...

love that haircuuut

Christiane Grelland said...

aww. så fint

E from the 80's said...


kimberley said...

I love this.

Anonymous said...

a girl from school keeps copying me :(
what do you do to not let that bother you?

also i hate sharing where i get my
things from (from photos to clothes, to music
how can i stop being so selfish & learn to
share? :D

you're very inspirational by the way xx

JUNE said...


maja casablancas said...

anonymous: i know your problem! it's kinda annoying, but just try to think of it as a compliment. imitation is the greatest form of flattery blablablah

myra said...

It makes me want to chop off my hair.. and that quote is something.

Anonymous: I have the same problem as you!!

Anonymous said...

Hei! har fått med meg at du går på elvebakken og lurte på hva du syns om skolen? sikkert kjedelig å svare på, men er veldig usikker på hva jeg skal søke på! Den virker dritbra, men hvordan er miljøet der? Mange hyggelige folk? :)

L A D Y E L E C T R I Q U E said...


Anonymous said...

i like the form of the hairstyle. but i hate the way its cut in layers. makes me think of one of my ex-teachers, who used to punish us with turning the lights in the class off. HA.HA.
love the first/last one tho.

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