how to waste yr money

i developed a disposable camera some time ago, and it turned out it had only managed to take five photos (and this cost me like $10, great).

the girl at the photo store took this to test if it the cam worked. we look retarded and i have one red eye.

this is the ceiling of the photo store... fantastic. interesting. fabulous.

these two are from new year's eve and pretty random (i remember shouting OMG IT WORKED! when the flash went off), but at least they're kinda nice.

and this one i took in my room just to test again if it worked. it did. glad i spent it so well.


Hippy Chic said...

Man, that totally sucks. sorry. Disposables are strange like that. I do, however, really like the 2nd to last photo. The girl in dress with blonde short hairs is fabulous! rock on.


Anonymous said...

disposable cameras kick ass.

Christiane Grelland said...

i look retarded at the first photo. lucky for me the third photo wasn't that bad. hihi

Arthur said...

haha. the first photo is LOL. looks like the salesperson got you hypnotized or something.

Anonymous said...

lol. and we write this in english cause we're like, from norway.

anywhere I lay my head said...

Det er så teit at det skal koste så himla mye å fremkalle bilder i Norge. Elsker de bildene som funket da, de ble veldig fine:D

Later that day said...

he he funny

Joley said...

you're so cute. moved my blog btw, to blogspot. check it out ;)

Anonymous said...

fuck you arthur!

Severn said...

i fucking hate it when you end up blowing such dough on such a horribly exposed roll. qq.

deep_in_vogue said...

yeah disposable cameras are rather annoying. I really like the last pic, it's very authentic :)

Elle est où ma caisse? said...

well disposable cameras are cool, but i always end up with like 3 nice photos too

sara with no h said...

i hate it when they wont work. but i love disposable cameras too. it gives a nicer feeling. (:

maja casablancas said...

hippy chic: yeah she's awesome
fuxsake: sometimes
christiane: yes u do. flaks vi er søte likevel
arthur: haha. she did!!
anonymous: haha
anywhere i lay my head: ja fytti helvete. takk!
later that day: kinda
joley: thnx, i will!
anonymous: ooh, angry
severn: yeah, luckily this is the first time it happened to me
deep_in_vogue: well this one was broken, usually they're nice. thnx
elle est ou ma caisse: hehe well well
sara: word

Arthur said...

anonymous: <3 <3 <3 <3 <3<3


maisie #1 and #2 said...

bahahah. this made me laugh. at least the new years photos are cute!

kait.lyn said...

tbese pictures are so cute!

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