about life

today i spent 265 minutes at school, 24 minutes on the subway, and 68 minutes in h&m's lingerie department. result: one essay on the journalist's role and seven pieces of cheap underwear.
the sad part is that i'm satisfied.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Maja.
Today I should have been studing, but instead I was drinking coffee with a friend four times... And I am satisfied, too. :D

By the way: I've been reading your blog for a while now (Love it!) and since I started my own blog a couple days ago, I hope it's okay if I link you. :)

Greetings, Maya

maren malkovich said...

thats the way life should be.

j'mappelle shontel said...

oh gosh. don't want to count the hours at school. or shopping today. glad your satisfied.

maja casablancas said...

maya (good name): coffee with friends is 10 times more important that studying.
thank you! of course, no probs. xx

maren: i certainly dont hope so

shontel: hehe. i'm a geek.

Elle est où ma caisse? said...

it would be rather unhealthy if you weren't satisfied
good job

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